Manuel López Martín


Manuel L pez Mart n Curr culum Vitae Personal Data ________________________________________ Address: C/ Enrique Granados N.46 City: Aguadulce State: Almer a Country of Residence: Spain Postal Code: 04720 Phone: 686123045 Mobile Phone: 695849668 E-mail: [email protected] Date of Birth: 13/09/1967 Place of Birth: M xico D.F. Gender: Male NIF: 52533564T With my work experience and several studies, the learning curve in my case will be much shorter than any other candidate to your positions. I could produce and make decisions immediately. I am practical and dynamic in the deductive process and making decisions; I am also multi-functional solving problems in several areas of the business at the same time. Professional Experience Goals and objectives (Why should I work for you?) ________________________________________ 1. - More than 10 years of experience in the automotive market, learning since mechanics, painting and crashes up to became General Manger of the business.(1985-1992). Install an ITV (pollution checking center) inside the mechanic shop, becoming one of the first 25 in M xico; and make it profitable in only 6 months, instead of 5 years as it was projected. (taking advantage of a situation that was not predicted). Doctoral Thesis about pollution; administration and control of pollution checking centres in M xico. (1991) 2. - Experience as a buyer and chief of purchases. I start as assistant director and then I was a buyer. Later I became responsible of the buying department, making renewals and openings of new department stores (2.5 years). I achieve recognition for saving in purchases and financing with suppliers of Wall-Mart, more than 1.5million dollars in only 6 months. 3. - Experience as Marketing and Advertising Manager; Design and management of printing shops (off-set y serigraphy) 2 years. I achieve to manage a 52 persons team in several positions, to give services to several areas of the company and achieve goals. Sears Roebuck Departamental Stores. Doctoral Thesis in Marketing about promotional and regular pricing in department stores. (1996) 4.-Long experience as commercial in big international companies (7 years). One and a half year working in Manpower, starting as a Commercial, later Chief of Sales and Regional Manager of M xico City. (M xico) I achieve recognition as the best salesman of the company in 1997 in the zone of M xico, Central America and Caribbean Region. One and a half year in Ralph Lauren (Home Collection) as Sales and Marketing Director, taking care of big stores and specialize boutiques with 70person under my command. 2 years in Promands Ltd. as Sales and Marketing Director for America (Chocolates, and Toys). 1 year as National Manager of Supermarkets (big accounts) in Plavicom selling paints, acrylic coatings and industrial plastics with 55 persons under my command. 1 year as Administration and Foreign Commerce Director in Spain, to sell and export olive oil to America. 5. - Experience as General Director of the National Chambers of Commerce, Tourism and Services of M xico ( CONCANACO SEVYTUR). Integrated by 256 Chambers in all country. I achieve to make the company profitable, it had debts of more than 25 years (even with legal demands) and it became to have black numbers and profitability to face expenses and payments. (It was possible by sponsorship, rent of properties and services of advertising and marketing). Studies and Courses. LADE Business Administration Career. Specialized: Commercial Direction and Marketing. Iberoamericana University Average: 8,7. Project: Tesis and profesional exam with jury. 1991. More details: Thesis about control and operation of business, pollution center for cars ITV and the atmospheric pollution in M xico City also the global heating created by the emission of pollution gases. Total of years: 4 of 4. Finalized on January 1991. MBA Master in Business Administration. Specialized: Business Administration (MBA). Master. Anahuac University y and UCLA (in USA). Hours: 2880. More details: Master with specialization in Marketing Thesis for obtaining title. Studies and Doctoral Thesis in Marketing in process of co validation in Spain. Master studied in join venture with University of California in Los Angeles. Finalized on February 1996. Secondary/High School. Institute Carlos Gracida A.C. Grade: 9. More details: BUP y COU. Finalized on June of 1986. Emocional Intelligence Course. Specialized: Business Communication. Other courses. Plavicom S.A. Hours: 80. More details: Direction and Managerial Courses. Finalized on July 2004. Sales and Marketing Course (Toys and Chocolates). Specialized: Foreign Commerce. Other courses. Weitnauer; Hershey s , Mars, Disney and Mattel. Hours: 80. More details: Directive and Commercial Course. Finalized on august 2001. Sales and Marketing Course (Chocolate and Toys). Specialized: Strategy. Other courses. Kraft Foods, Lindt, Swiss Delisse y Promands Ltd. Hours: 72. More details: Direction and Strategic Planning Course. Finalized on July 2001. Market Investigation. Specialized: Investigation and Market Techniques. Other courses. Manpower M xico S.A. Hours: 70. More details: Learning Courses. Finalized on June 1998. Effective Presentation & Instruction. Specialized: Psychological Orientation. Other courses. Manpower M xico S.A. Hours: 48. More details: Learning Course. Finalized on April 1998. Professional Sales Seminar. Specialized: Commercial Technique. Other courses. Manpower M xico S.A. Hours: 76. More details: Applied Psychology, sales and customer behavior course. Finalized on January 1998. Call Center. Specialized: Software. Others courses. Manpower M xico S.A. Hours: 48. More details: Control and operation of tele-marketing and sales by phone. Finalized on December 1997. Languages ________________________________________ Spanish: Written: Bilingual. Spoken: Bilingual. Translate: Bilingual. Technical: Bilingual. English: Written: Bilingual. Spoken: Bilingual. Translate: Bilingual. Technical: High. Notes: Title since primary school in Panamerican Workshop; M xico Computer Software ________________________________________ Data Bases. Medium Level. Titles. 24 Accounting/Finance. Medium Level. 6 Excel Pages. High Level. Titles. 24 Internet. High Level. Titles. 96 Mail (Outlook). High Level. Titles. 96 Power point. Medium Level. Titles. 48 Mac Applications. Basic Level. 6 Lotus Notes. Basic Level. Titles. 12 Word. High Level. Titles. 96 Notes: titles and knowledge made in qualified companies in M xico City and International companies like Manpower S.A. More Data ________________________________________ Travel disposition: Totally Change of location disponibility: Totally Own vehicle: yes Hobbies: Family, Sports, Travel, Teather , Movies, etc. Other important data: Experience in sales, marketing, commerce and Business Direction. International Driving Permit valid in more than 70 countries. Driver s Permit: Trucks (A,B, B2 y C1) , cars and motorcycles. Immediate disponibility: Yes

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Work experience


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