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Community Service Committee


The Metropolitan Board is a Chicago Urban League auxiliary of young professionals committed to promoting and supporting the ideas and goals of the Urban League movement throughout Chicago through community outreach, fundraising and membership development.


The Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League is Chicago's young professional organization of choice for its distinctive capacity and commitment in providing activities that are characterized by excellence in community service, fundraising, and dedication to the nurturance and development of its diverse members to empower communities and change lives through consistent involvement in the Urban League movement.


The primary objectives of this organization shall be to support the Chicago Urban League movement through:

  1. A major annual financial effort.
  2. Development of new and support of existing programs directed towards the Urban League's constituency with Urban League approval.
  3. Actively participating in the Chicago Urban League's membership drive, focusing on young professionals.
  4. Preparation of members for continued service in the National Urban League (NUL), Chicago Urban League (CUL) and other NUL affiliates and auxiliaries including, but not limited to, National Urban League Young Professionals (NULYP) and its advisory committees.
  5. Plan for and participate in community service activities.


As an auxiliary group of the Chicago Urban League and a member of the National Urban League Young Professionals, we value:

  1. The National and Chicago Urban League movement - We believe that the Urban League movement is a crucial component in addressing inequalities existing in society. We are committed to supporting this movement through our allegiance, our community outreach, our fundraising and our growth and development within this movement.
  2. Cultivation of Membership - We believe that the success of this organization lies within our membership ranks. We promote the growth and development of our members and empower them with knowledge and resources to further themselves, our mission, and ultimately further our communities.
  3. Diverse Individuality - We promote an environment where people are valued on the basis of their efforts, ideas, and merits, without regard to gender, race, creed, ethnicity, education, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.
  4. Caretaking Our Communities - We promote active community living by identifying the diverse needs of various communities and addressing them through dedicated service, resourcefulness, and advocacy.
  5. Efficiency - We believe that time, people and funds are precious commodities that are not easily replaced. We promote efficient use of organizational resources to further the mission and goals of the Metropolitan Board.
  6. Knowledge Transparency - We openly share information, knowledge and best ideas and practices across the organization, realizing and accepting that we are dependent on each other for the Metropolitan Board's success.
  7. Change - We believe that change is an inevitable phenomenon. We also believe that complacency can be detrimental to progress. We promote change that will further develop the Metropolitan Board into the young professional organization of choice, which will ultimately further develop our communities into a more equitable environment.