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I finished my undergraduate studies at the University of California | San Diego with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science. I am currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, studying Fashion Design I strive to feed my passions by following my interests in a way that will nourish me spiritually as well as professionally. In all, I wish to obtain experience in Fashion Design and Marketing and use my tenacity, workmanship, and personality to pursue my career of choice.


Though I have much experience in the legal field and have been working on a future in law for an extensive amount of time up until the end of the fiscal 2008 year, I have regained my passion for Art and Design. Once being my hobby and escape from the the stress environment that is daily life, I currently am pursuing a career in Fashion Design, Photography, Marketing, and Styling. I will be attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in the fall of 2010 majoring in Professional Designation - Fashion Design.


Phi Alpha Delta - Co-Educational Law Fraternity - UCSD Pre-Law ChapterOperations Advisor (June 2009 - June 2010) - As Operations Advisor for the fraternity, it is my current duty to ensure the quality of the fraternity remains at the balance of our goals to improve the quality of the School, The Student, and the Profession with our presence. I strive to maintain our status as the Don Hutson 2nd place overall Pre-Law Fraternity in national rankings as well as maintain the quality of our fraternity for the members through extensive analysis of our proceedings and events in accordance to their tastes as well as our International Constitution and Chapter Bylaws. In foresight, this fraternity will continue to grow and succeed with my current role as Operations Advisor.

Standards Chair (March 2010 - June 2010) - As Standards Chair of the fraternity, I was able to assist the executive board in maintaining the quality of the fraternity by regulating the activities of the fraternity brothers. My duty was to uphold the ideals, values and morals of the Fraternity through structure of how one should act in public, in closed quarters, and fraternity events. My job was to uphold the standard of which members should remain active and which members we need to adjust their attitudes and spirits to benefit the fraternity. My duty was to also to maintain the image of the fraternity to new members as well as the campus environment. By protecting this image from the inside in discussing the standards with our brothers, we are then able to project ourselves in a respectable as well as welcoming manner.Brotherhood Chair (June 2008 - June 2009) - As Brotherhood Chair I was in charge of managing the social aspect of the fraternity. In order to keep the balance of the fraternity's Philanthropy, Professional Development, and Brotherhood, i had to create events that did not overarch that perfect balance that kept the fraternity at its prestige. Social events would include mixers with other fraternities, bonding events, as well as bi-weekly outings.Recruitment Chair (June 2008 - December 2009) - As recruitment chair, i worked with my co-chair directly with the executive board to manage Rush Week and recruitment of new members in that time period. Post-Rush initiatives, I helped train the new recruits to become one of the greatest members as well as Leaders through our UCSD PAD Leadership program. Many of the members within out recruitment class remain with the Fraternity as Chairs and Executive board members. Our duty was to structure and provide guidance as well as motivation to inspire to lead.

Work experience

Dec 2009Jun 2010


San Diego Model Management

At San Diego Model Management, my duties would change according to need, however, my time at San Diego allowed me to demonstrate my abilities in graphic design programs as well as put them to use. I was needed to design promotional pieces for as well as business cards and website graphic design work. I also revamped the blogspace of by implementing visual themes for different types of posts and trained other interns and bloggers how to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign CS4. I also demonstrated my tech savvy and quick learning curve by reformatting the video blogs and turning it into a more professional direction for

Jan 2010Jun 2010

Teaching Apprentice/Assistant

University of California, San Diego - Urban Studies and Planning Department

As a teaching apprentice/assistant, I was responsible for assisting the professor in teaching the class of 25 students in the techniques of Urban Design and Planning. Their task was to redevelop as 20-30 block area in downtown San Diego and present their studies as well as design ideas to the course, a panel of judges that included myself, other assistants, San Diego City Planners as well as Architects and Developers. Through my extensive knowledge and research of Little Italy, San Diego, I was able to determine the grading of the projects in terms of research and through my extensive coursework in Urban Studies I was able to gauge the level of design and thoughtfulness and work of the students which in turn were my peers. I was also responsible for attending every lecture, studio session, hold office hours, as well as administer presentations. Also, I held various workshops and tutorials on Adobe Design Programs as well as a Lecture and Tutorial on Google Sketchup. In assisting the students and reviewing their coursework, I was able to learn teaching techniques as well as connect with my peers on a different level that added to my leadership experiences.

Dec 2010Jun 2010

Teaching Assistant - Hip Hop

University of California, San Diego - Theatre & Dance Department

As teaching assistant under Graduate/PHD student/instructor Grace Jun, I was able to assist her in instructing and leading a Hip Hop dance class for two quarters at UCSD. Instructing a class of over 50 students helping them with choreography as well as teaching choreography, I was able to understand the limits of the body, movement, as well as learn about the connections between people doing something they love. Instructing for two consecutive quarters I was able to assist in administering midterms as well as aiding students in creating routines for finals as well as be a part of UCSD's Arts in Action performances.

Dec 2009May 2010

Art Director - Coordinator

La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

As Art Director of the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, my duty was to maintain the visual aesthetics for the festival located in La Jolla, CA. My tasks were to develop the event spaces into a Fashion Film Festival friendly area. The fashion film festival was comprised of many select screenings of high fashion films created by collaborations with designers and Directors/Producers. The event itself comprised of many designers, PR Agents, Models, and Directors from various fashion capitals in the United States. I also was responsible for the graphics end of the film festival such as promo cards, posters, website graphics and the banners and signs at the event. The events were on two nights in April, the first at the La Jolla Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery and the second at the La Jolla Bridge Club, nestled at the beautiful La Jolla Cover overlooking the waters. The event was not only film screenings but seminars regarding the advancement of fashion and technology, luncheons, modeling photoshoot, and after parties. The day of the events, my responsibility was to make sure that the event went smoothly and the VIP guests were attended to. I did the hard labor as well as looked fashionable doing it without breaking a sweat.

Jul 2009Sep 2009

Loss Prevention Management

CVS Caremark Corporation

My employment as Loss Prevention Management for CVS Caremark was a daily study on the activity of employees as well as customers habits pertaining to potential loss and increase on SHRINK numbers and implementation of strategies according to the research. Daily tasks would include a store walkthrough to view areas that need the most monitoring according to current loss numbers for any particular item, reviewing screenshots of those who have committed theft in the last 48 hours and identifying them in order to inform the employees to be aware of their presence, and implementing strategy to the pharmacy as well as the cash wrap to acknowledge the potentiality for loss and deter theft. Duties also included internal theft prevention as well as keeping corporate contacts for updates on changes in loss.

Mar 2008Sep 2008

Senior Clerk

Gerson Law Firm APC

My duties as Senior Clerk were not limited to filing legal documents by client matter number, organizing legal documents, searching through files for documents, scanning, printing, copying, faxing, organizing small scale company events, daily opening and closing of office tasks, management billing, delivering files to other law firms in the area, as well as receptionist duties and smaller executive assistant tasks.The employment at Gerson Law Firm APC has given me much experience of work in a professional office and a highly demanding work place. The job itself was a high stress level environment but rewarding in the adaptation to the speed of work in the legal field and office work. 

Jun 2007Sep 2007

Sales Associate


My employment at Aeropostale as a sale associate has given me the opportunity to grow as a sales person as well as nurture my skills as a customer service representative for the company. This employment opportunity has fostered my ability to gain responsibilities as opening and closing of a retail shop. It was a great learning experience that allowed me to execute and show my organizational skill and meticulous personality in placement of clothing and helping the customer with their shopping needs.


Sep 2006Jun 2010

Bachelor of Arts

University of California, San Diego

At UCSD, I majored in Political Science however, I had extensive coursework in majors such as Urban Studies and Planning - Design, Theater and Dance - Dance, Law and Society, and Visual Arts. I found that my time at UCSD was not to have tunnel vision but to experience as much as I could at this wonderful university that inspires one to try new things as well as learn from your experiences in one field to apply to life experiences.


Choosing to learn GoogleSketchup in Urban Design Theory and Urban Design Practicum in University courses, I have learned many technical uses for SketchUp in redesigning and developing structures, districts, university areas, as well as objects in 3-Dimensional View.
Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection
I am currently self-teaching in various programs such as Adobe Photoshop CS4, InDesign CS4 and Illustrator CS4. what I do not currently know how to do, I intend to learn quickly and proficiently. I have begun doing freelance logo work with these building skill sets.