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Work experience

Feb 2012Present

Software Director


I am responsible for new web projetcs in By using SCRUM and agile development methodologies we are able to develop web projects very fast and efficient. I am managing people of 10 who are responsible for design, front-end, back-end development and as well as product management. Currently we are working on one web project, but in 2013 we have plans for expanding the team for two more projects by hiring new people.

Aug 2010Dec 2011

Software manager


I have managed development team of 20, containing System Analysts, Test Developers, Database Administrators, Graphics department with designers, art director and UI developers. I have gained broad knowledge of SEO optimization, Web Analytics, e-Commerce structures. The infrastructure is running on virtual servers. The technologies use are, mostly Microsoft technologies including Commerce Server, Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Microsoft.Net and Team Foundation Server. When I started the company my team consisted of 8 people in the end I ended up with 20, we were thinking of expanding to 25.


Dogan Holding
Sep 20082009

Technology and R&D Manager

Hurriyet A.S.

R&D on software technologies. Manage and guide software development on Linux and Microsoft environments. Implement agile and extreme software development methodologies. Develop core framework for search applications all over domain with Lucene and SOLR.

May 2005Sep 2008

IT Director

Yenibiris A.S.

While working at Dogan Online, my last project was architecting and managing the recruitment web site. After the success of the project, a new company was established.

I was responsible for managing of Product Development (eight members), Software Development (eight members) and Systems Management (two members) teams, estimating and purchasing hardware needs for applications.

Under my management Yenibiris has won “Altin Orumcek 2007” award for its design and usability.

The site runs on eight IIS web servers, two SQL Server 2005 Database servers and five mail servers  load balanced with Citrix NetScaler.

Other than management, part of my responsibilites included, gathering the business requirements from other departments and external customers, measure them with the existing product status and create technical specfications. While working with the software development team we were using Agile Development methodologies and I also had the role of SCRUM Master and created the workflow between software department, product team and Q&A team. With this responsibilites, in each iteration, I was also creating and managing the project plan.

In Yenibiris we were using, nUnit for unit testing, SVN as source control (we switched from SourceSafe), nAnt and MSBuild for build and deployment. Also we used CruiseControl.Net for Continuous Integration.

My journey with Yenibiris has started with 200 customers and 20,000 page views per day and ended with 8,000 active customers and 1,500,000 page views per day with a successful running infrastructure.

Dec 2002May 2005

Software Architect / Team Leader

Dogan Online

Responsible for managing the team of nine developers and work as Software Architect in various projects. Developed and designed e-kolay Browser, implemented a Single Sign-on solution over 30 web sites. Involved with more than ten projects during my work at Dogan Online.

Feb 2002Jun 2002

(Web/Windows/e-Learning Applications Development)

Freelance Contractor Projects Created a Crossword Puzzle Application. Created a reporting system that uses Access 2000 with company’s own stock management application. Also developed a system that compares current stock with the stock available on company’s web site.

Sapien TechnologiesWorked as a tester of “PrimalCode 3.0” programming editor.

Nov 1999Feb 2002

Software Developer

Probil A.S.
  • Have developed a project management system for internal use by using XML/XSLT technologies that is also open to internet.
  • Developing web application for Application uses Microsoft IIS 4.0, MS SQL 7.0, Oracle 8i and Oracle Web Application Server 4.0.5. Programs used to develop the application are:Visual Interdev, used for creating ASP pages,Visual Basic 6.0, used for creating server side components,Access and Excel is used for testing and creating data (a lot of VBA code generated in background while developing),Delphi 5.0, used for developing utilities for local network.
    • Microsoft side of the site, is used for user management and authorization with
    • MS SQL 7.0
    • Oracle side of the site, is used for testing and training pages with Oracle 8i and Oracle Web Server using PLSQL.
  • Also developed AICC and SCORM, compatible trainings (WBT/CBT), coursewares. Coursewares developed with Authorware 5.2/6, Flash, DreamWeaver and CourseBuilder. Some of them used XML technologies.
  • Besides these tasks, I have programmed, and, which has more than 9500 unique hits per day with ASP and MS SQL 7.0.


As a Nosql solution, RavenDB fits very well on  .Net MVC projects.
Asp.Net MVC
I've been using Asp.Net MVC in all my web projects with repository and service patterns.
Other technologies I have used
AJAX, JSON (translated to Turkish at, RSS, OPML, RDF, ATOM, Windows Scripting Host, MSMQ, ADO.Net, LINQ, SQLXML, Active Directory, Exchange Server Development, Remoting, various protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP and SIP), Socket programming, Multi threaded programming, nAnt, msBuild, nUnit, jUnit, SourceSafe/Team Foundation Server/SVN, Software Design Patterns, Software design and architecture Project Management, SCRUM and Agile Development methodologies.
I have deep understanding of ranking based search algorithms using Lucene. I have deployed and managed SOLR and Nutch servers in my recent projects.
IIS, Apache
SQL Server(s)
I've used many database servers including Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL, Postgres and SQLite. I am also familiar with correspondind SQL dialects.
Java, Python, Delphi, Visual Basic, Adobe Flex 2-3
I've also used these programming languages when they are needed. For open source projects I also have deep understanding of Eclipse development environment.
I have used many XML Tools and generated many XML implementations on development of my assignments. I am following the W3C standards since they came out as resource.
I have used many Javascript libraries during my experiences. Also used many libraries like jQuery, AJAX Toolkit and YUI. I have deep understanding of the ECMAScript based languages.
I have great knowledge on HTML and supporting other standards.
.Net C#
My day to day development environment is Visual Studio 2008 and C#.
Enterprise Library
Used in custom applications and generated "Application Blocks".
Object Oriented Design & Software Architecture
Agile Development Methodologies



Marmara University

During my study, I was interested in Topology, Projective geometry, Statistics and Group theory, Algebra, Fractal geometry and Chaos theory.

Code Sample

Published Software

Published Software


An approach to create SOA applications through HTTP, which can execute Database stored procedures, MSMQ requests, .Net and IronPython script code and generates RSS, JSON, Web Service, Text or Excel file. The system has authentication, authorization, caching and logging support. Downloadable at

Publications and Seminars

  • I held a seminar on Enterprise Library developed by Patterns and Practices team of Microsoft in 2005.

Published Software

Interests - Additional Info

Married, likes movies, rock music, and reading. Loves computers and programming. I have special interest on Philosophy. 

(References available upon request.)

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About Me

I’ve been in the software development and Web industry for more than 20 years. Currently I’m Software Director for Sahibinden resposnble for new web projects in Aksoy Group. I’m a true believer in agile practices for software development and just about any other kind of production. I also really value and try to communicate to others the value of customer enthusiasm and customer evangelism. I’m also very concerned about great design, usability and team communication.

Sometimes, simpler is better, but simplicity is not easy!