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Solutions in Healthcare Financial Management

Merlyn Knapp serves as Interim CFO and Controller for hospitals and physician group practices. In this position, Merlyn Knapp develops and implements operations, turns around plans resulting in cash acceleration and reduced operating expenses, and improves EBITDA for hospitals and physician group practices. Merlyn Knapp has completed projects that have resulted in improved cash flow ranging from $600,000 to $2.0 million and increased EBITDA of $400,000 to $2.0 million. Additionally, Merlyn Knapp has designed and implemented revenue cycle strategies for hospitals and physician practices, resulting in improved management of billing and collection systems and increased cash flow. His completed projects have generated increases in total value of more than $1.7 million. Merlyn Knapp’s finance plans include bond issues, short-term credit facilities, and leasing arrangements for building expansion, hospital and equipment acquisition, new construction, and renovation projects. Merlyn Knapp also completed projects that have resulted in financing arrangements totaling more than $100.0 million, negotiated payment schedules for managed care and other third party payer contracts, and completed projects that have contributed more than $5.0 million increased reimbursement. In this ownership role, Merlyn Knapp created strategic planning and budget tools for performance measurement, completed projects that have resulted in development of Strategic Business Plans and Operating and Capital Budgets, and developed feasibility studies used to evaluate business expansion or acquisition. Merlyn Knapp’s completed projects have included preparing Net Working Capital schedules, hospital statistical and financial information, and Strategic Business Plans used in merger and acquisition activity of hospitals. Merlyn Knapp also mentors and trains staff for position promotion and performance improvement.


Bachelor of Arts

University of Northern Iowa


Rockhurst University

About Merlyn Knapp

Consultant Merlyn Knapp studied business and economics before pursuing a career directly assisting poor to moderate performing healthcare institutions increase revenue flows and manage successful mergers and acquisitions. Merlyn Knapp trained as an accountant at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Knapp graduated with a Bachelor’s in Accounting from the 13,000-student state-funded university. A few years later, Merlyn Knapp enrolled in an MBA program at Rockhurst University (formerly Rockhurst College) in Kansas City, Missouri, with the intention of gaining a valuable business background. Within two short years, Knapp graduated from the nearly 100-year-old Jesuit school with a Master’s in General Business and a solid foundation in corporate strategies and concepts. In 2003, Merlyn Knapp, having gained practical knowledge of the healthcare industry over the years, directed his business and economics acumen toward aiding struggling medical corporations. Knapp formed and maintained ownership of the consultancy Solutions in Healthcare Financial Management with the goal of reducing operating expanses and implementing financial turnaround plans. By working as an Interim CFO and Controller for hospitals and health clinics, Merlyn Knapp helps institutions gain as much as $2 million in increased cash flow. Knapp’s measures have boosted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization $400,000 to $2 million in many cases. Merlyn Knapp delivers a variety of skills to ailing healthcare businesses. Knapp develops and implements profitable revenue cycle strategies through better billing and collecting arrangements, some of which have generated earnings in excess of $1.7 million. Merlyn Knapp has managed $100 million projects involving bond issues, leasing arrangements, hospital and equipment procurements, renovation, and new construction plans. Merlyn Knapp can help a hospital or medical clinic closely track its performance through budgeting tools and evaluate its need for growth or acquisition with feasibility studies. In addition, Merlyn Knapp will negotiate and refine third-party payment contracts to gain greater reimbursements. Merlyn Knapp mentors and trains staff for improved performance in an effort to keep his advisory plans on track. In addition to preparing feasibility assessments, Merlyn Knapp has had success designing liquidity repayment schedules, gaining an overview of hospital statistical facts, and creating plans for mergers and procurements. Outside of his consulting firm, Merlyn Knapp is an active community participant and a devoted member of several healthcare organizations. An avid golfer, Knapp divides his time between the golf greens and the school and church groups with which he volunteers. Merlyn Knapp is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, a national organization for CPAs. Knapp is also a board-certified fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, an international society for healthcare managers, and the Healthcare Financial Management Association, a membership society of 35,000-plus CFOs, controllers, and accountants all involved in healthcare management.


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants


American College of Healthcare Executives


Healthcare Financial Management Association