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Meres-Sia Gabriel

Leadership Style: Transformational


Collaborating to build  school morale in staff and students, especially those students dealing with PTSD and learning disabilities.  Innovating curriculum to meet the needs of all students in an effective and safe school environment.  Creating systems for staff and students to develop and grow in community with each other. 

Work History


Teacher on Special Assignment

Quest Independent Studies

Collaborate with staff at EMERGE to provide educational services for  young women ages 16-18, who are returning to school from a condition of confinement or incarceration.   Communicate regularly  with administrators, families, probation, social services,  and community organizations.  Participate in the enrollment process and assign courses based on analysis of transcript.  Responsible for overseeing, maintaining and auditing student records for the purposes of informing students, their families and the students’ respective districts of student progress. Create academic “road maps” for students to follow.  Foster intrinsic motivation in students.  Effectively schedule and manage student contact days to maintain efficient academic progress.


Temporary Teacher

Alameda County Office of Education

 Serve as substitute, long term sub and floater at various sites such as: Juvenile Justice Center,  Camp Sweeney, Thunder Road, and the academies for pregnant and parenting teens.


French Teacher

Far West Middle/High & Berkeley Technology Academy

Created holistic, student-centered syllabi. Built a caring, intentional, and equitable classroom.  Incorporated yoga and meditation techniques to create a low-anxiety environment. Developed student confidence with scaffolding and opportunities to demonstrate student leadership in the classroom, school and community. Expanded student global awareness through guest speakers, films, excursions and lessons on francophone diaspora.  Planned, initiated and guided units of study in French which involved speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Created authentic assessments, evaluated those assessments, and promptly graded those assessments and each student’s other work (assignments, presentations, etc.) Fostered thought, discussion, reading comprehension, linguistic analysis, a consistent work ethic, and a desire for learning and excellence.  Communicated regularly and constructively with colleagues, administrators, students, and parents. Fulfilled other duties as assigned.  Other subjects taught: English, Ethnic Studies, Yoga and Cyber High.

2008 2012

Beginning Teacher Support Assessment Coach (BTSA)

Berkeley Unified School District

Assisted beginning and veteran teachers with clearing their credentials. Offered emotional support.  Edited letters to parents. Offered lesson plans for units appropriate to the assignments. Collected evidence about the participating teacher’s practice through the language of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. Observed teachers while teaching; offered feedback; asked probing questions about the observation; and looked over student work.   Assisted teachers in choosing an individualized plan for improving an aspect of their teaching. Built a formative assessment binder with teachers to collect the evidence of the year’s work together. 

2011 2012

Professional Development Coordinator

Berkeley Technology Academy

Pioneered Berkeley Technology's teacher-led PD series.  Coordinated with teachers and administrator to identify needs.  Prepared a variety of written materials (memos, peer observation forms,  pre- and post evaluation forms, thank-you notes and sign-in sheets) to document activities, provide written reference, and/or convey information. Maintained a variety of manual and electronic files for the purpose of providing up-to-date reference and complying with regulatory requirements and establishing guidelines. Participated in meetings, for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions.  Researched a variety of information on designing effective professional developments in order to meet staff training needs. Responded to inquiries to resolve problems, provide information and/or refer to appropriate personnel.


Instructional Trainer for Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS)

Berkeley Technology Academy

Collaborated with Berkeley Mental Health professionals to meet the emotional and academic needs of students who have been exposed to violence and who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) Tailored CBITS curriculum to fit the specific needs of kinesthetic learners.  Focused on helping students learn how to challenge their thoughts when confronted with an emotional situation.  Students received certificates of participation. 


2011 2012

Administrative Services Credential, Tier 1

Cal State East Bay/California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
  • Develop, coordinate, and assess instructional programs
  • Evaluate certificated and classified personnel
  • Provide students' discipline
  • Provide certificated and classified employees discipline
  • Supervise certificated and classified personnel
  • Manage school site, district, or county level fiscal services
  • Recruit, employ, and assign certificated and classified personnel
  • Develop, coordinate, and supervise student support services

California Teaching Credential

Cal State East Bay/California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Single Subject Teaching Credential French


TESOL Certificate

Transworld Schools




Middlebury College School in France/la Nouvelle Sorbonne

French Language and Francophone Literature of the African Diaspora



Howard University

French and Anthropology



Spoken, written, reading language fluency: French, English

Translation abilities: French-English; English-French

Computer proficiency: Microsoft Office: Word

Social Media: Instragram,  Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat

Personal Accomplishments



I Twirl in the Smoke (Palm Oil Press)

Twirl lovingly offers the gift of a life's worth of learning to its readers. This mixed-genre memoir traces one woman's story from youth to motherhood, from pain and insecurity to self-confidence and self-actualization. Through its songs and meditations, the work testifies to the transformative powers of love--romantic, filial, divine, and self love.