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Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Assistant Researcher

Michigan State University

I work in the Meat Animal Muscle Biology and Molecular Genetics Laboratory. I assisted with a project with the objective of identify identifying genomic loci involved in controlling the expression of back fat in pigs.  My position involved spot aligning 88 gene microarrays that contain probes for over 18,000 genes using GenePix pro software for swine back fat genome linkage analysis. Currently, I am making electrophoresis gels and using them to analyze genes in a DNA cocktail. I am also performing PCR techniques to analyze DNA for a research project I am involved in. 

Aug 2013Present

Learning Assistant

Michigan State University

I am a learning assistant for Animal Science 309: Animal Health Management taught by Dr. Elizabeth Karcher. I assist students with in class projects regarding case studies, hold review sessions prior to exams, and review with students outside of class when they desire extra help understanding class material.

Jul 2012Present

Volunteer Puppy Raiser

Leader Dogs for the Blind

I volunteer to raise puppies for the Leader Dogs for the Blind program. This involved helping to raise a puppy starting from about 8 weeks up to a little over a year old. During this time I work with the puppies on basic obedience, socialization, and desensitization to as many situations as possible. I interact with the public on a frequent basis answering questions and educating them on Leader Dogs for the Blind and what the puppies do. 

Jun 2013Aug 2013

Calf Care: Handler

Ri-Val-Re Holsteins

I worked with Holstein dairy calves that ranged from newborn to 6 months old in order to prepare them for a large sale the farm was hosting. My duties included getting the calves acclimated to human interaction and halter broke.

Aug 2011Aug 2011

Machine Technician

Wiesen Inc.

I worked with an underwater saw to make 1000 parts for Amway. It was a covering for a light fixture in a water filter. This was a temporary job that once the 1000 parts were completed my job was also completed.

May 2011Jul 2011

Calf Care

Newland Dairy Farm

I helped feed calves from birth to to about 7 months of age. I also assessed their health as I fed them to insure all of the calves were healthy. 

May 2009Aug 2010


Morr Western Store

I operated the cash register, and I also assisted customers with selecting the best merchandise for their wants and needs.


Security Awareness Training
EHS Training Module
Basic treasury skills
I have been the treasurer for the Michigan State University Polo Club since April 2012. I have had to keep records, hold club members accountable for paying dues, manage the budget, and have discussions on what the club should and should not spend funds on. 
Livestock handling and care skills
I am experienced in the care and handling of livestock species such as dairy cattle, sheep, and horses. I am comfortable around all livestock species and am aware of safety principles when interacting with them. 
Dog handling and care
As a volunteer puppy raiser for Leader Dogs for the Blind, I am experienced in dog handling, care, and basic training. I am also experienced and confident with communicating to others about Leader Dogs for the Blind.
Hazardous Waste Principles Training
Biosafety Principles Training
Autoclave Training


Michigan State University Polo Club, Leader Dogs for the Blind, 4-H, and Michigan State University Cru, animal biology, animal nutrition, animal reproduction, agriculture, wildlife, horses, dogs.


My objective is to obtain an internship or career opportunity in animal health research.



Sep 2010Present

Bachelor of Science

Michigan State University

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Sep 2006May 2010

High School Diploma

Greenville Senior High School


Security Awareness

Michigan State University Environmental Health and Safety

Hazardous Waste Training

Michigan State University Environmental Health and Safety

Bio-safety Principles Training

Michigan State University Environmental Health and Safety