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Mengfang is an experienced hydrogeologist and groundwater modeller and has applied groundwater flow and contaminant transport models to manage groundwater resources, quantify river-aquifer interaction, and evaluate remedial alternatives and conduct cost and benefit analyses for numerous sites in UK, Europe, Mid East and China. He is Royal Haskoning’s Technical Director of Hydrogeology and Contaminated Land and a Chartered Geologist of the Geological Society.He was a technical advisor and technical lead for Olympic Delivery Authority for groundwater and contaminated land and has supervised the development of groundwater model and technical guidance for conducting human health and groundwater risk assessment for London 2012 Olympic Park. Other key projects involved were Thames Water funded project ‘Hydrogeology and Hydrochemistry of London Basin’, Severn Trent Water ‘Cryptosporidium Hydrogeological Risk Assessment’; BNFL ‘Environmental Assessment Programme for Sellafield Nuclear Power Station’ and British Energy 'Environmental Impact Assessment for New Build Power Stations' Mengfang has constructed and calibrated numerous multi-layer groundwater flow and contaminant transport models incorporating river-aquifer interactions using MODFLOW, MT3DMS and RT3D with GWVistas and Visual MODFLOW.Mengfang assisted in developing and validating CLEA2000 for DEFRA and the Environment Agency, and routinely provides training course on RBCA and CLEA model to the UK contaminated land industry focusing on the application of RBCA as an alternative model to CLEA V1.04 and the Environment Agency Remedial Target Worksheet.

Mengfang has recently developed alternative integration procedures, which would speed up the process for the derivation of GAC/SGV if implemented with CLEA model.

Mengfang is a regular speaker at Annual Brownfield Briefing Risk Assessment Conference and founding chairman of UK Chinese Association for Environment and Resources (UK-CARE).

Work experience

Nov 2007Present

Technical Director

Royal Haskoning

Responsible for directing, reviewing and undertaking projects related to contaminated land and hydrogeology for large flood alleviation project and nuclear new-build projects; Responsible for co-ordinating risk assessment activities and providing external RBCA and CLEA training courses to UK contaminated land industry.

May 2005Dec 2007

Technical Director

Capita Symonds

Responsible for directing, reviewing and undertaking projects related to soil and groundwater remediation, and human health and the controlled water risk assessments for the Regeneration teams in East Grinstead; Technical advisor in Groundwater for London Development Agency and technical lead for the London 2012 Olympic regeneration projects in groundwater modelling and derivation of soil and groundwater generic and site-specific remedial targets for London 2012 Olympic Park; Responsible for co-ordinating risk assessment activities and leading the Risk Assessment Group; Providing RBCA/CLEA training courses to UK Contaminated Land industry

Jan 2001May 2005

Principal Consultant and Risk Manager


Providing project directions, project management and reviews; Co-ordinating Risk Management Group activities including the development of technical methodologies, preparation of proposal and reporting templates, organising quarterly meetings, provision of internal training courses and undertaking business development; Developing technical approaches in conducting human health risk assessment; Building the technical capabilities of the environmental group in groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling; Undertake numerous landfill hydrogeological risk assessments as part of IPPC permit applications

Aug 1998Dec 2000

Groundwater Modeller


Conducting quantitative risk assessment and groundwater modelling for numerous chemical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and oil and gas sites in the UK and Europe; Developed and validated UK Contaminated Exposure Assessment model (CLEA2000); Application of advanced numerical groundwater models to assist in contaminated land site investigation and remediation.

Jul 1998Jul 1997

Environmental Scientist

Westlakes Scientific Consulting

As part of Sellafield Site Management Project, I have undertook several projects including geological and hydrogeological conceptualisation for multiple leaking buildings and waste tips; developing hydrogeological network models; and radiological risk and dose calculations in biosphere using MONDRAIN software running under Sun Workstation/Unix.

Jun 1997Jun 1995

Research Fellow

University of Aberdeen

Managing and undertaking projects funded by the Bank of Scotland involving modelling stream aquifer interactions and hydrogeochemical studies, with applications in groundwater protection/management, environmental risk assessments, minewater pollution and saline intrusion.

May 1995Apr 1992

Project Hydrogeologist

Reading University/Thames Water

Undertaking Thames Water funded project  on Hydrogeology and hydrochemistry of London Basin.

Mar 1992Nov 1990

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University College London (UCL)

Advanced research on international stratigraphical correlation using Sr87/ Sr86 ratios.




University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne


China University of Geosciences


Chemical and dietary risk assessment
Minewater pollution and prevention
Site investigation and remediation
Human health and environmental risk assessment
Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling