Meng Chun Khor

Meng Chun Khor

Work experience

Work experience
May 2009 - Sep 2009


National Advanced IPv6 Centre

This internship is my compulsory course for my university course and it spent 20 weeks for training. I done this internship at National Advanced IPv6 Centre (NAv6). NAv6 is well-known government organization in Malaysia. This organization experienced on IPv6 research in Malaysia.

I was assigned to Network Support and Service Team (NSST) in this organization. From NSST, it help me gain a lot knowledge about network field. Most of my project done in this organization is used Linux platform. The projects are print server by using Common UNIX Printing System, VPN server by using OpenVPN and OTRS is an open source Ticket Request System.

From this organization, I can experienced real working environment. It is because Deputy of NAv6 provided few meeting to trainee. One of the meeting is about real working environment and the policy of organization. Besides, I also learn how to proactive myself because some work need to voluntary to help people.

Jan 2007 - Jun 2007

Sales Assistance

AAAs Com Solution Pte. Ltd.
This job is my full time job during University Intake time. I spent half a year to work there. AAAs Com Solution Pte. Ltd. is a company sale Computer System and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) from Singapore. This company is known in Singapore because there are 5 outlets in all over Singapore. Work in Singapore, I can be experience their cultural and know more about Singapore. In this company, I was a sales assistant and help company to sell laptop. Besides, I can gain knowledge about how to promote a product and I also gain a lot of knowledge about computer system. This job brought me a great sales experience and it help me to brush up my soft-skill. On that time, I also experience how to live independently.


Jun 2007 - Present

Bachelor of Computer Science

Universiti Sains Malaysia

Faculty: School of Computer Science

Major: Computer Science

Specialization: Network Computing

Minor: Management

CGPA: 3.13 (Currently)



iNetmon & Wireshark

I have learned two type of packet tracer which is iNetmon portable plus version and common Wireshark.


During second year in university, I have done a Restaurant System by using Java Programming language. On that time, I wrote the system with IDE software which is called "NetBean".


I have done a project which required to use this C language. The project is about Peer to Peer programming when I taken network programming course.


I learned C++ during my first year in university. This C++ language is my basic programming language.


1) Swimming

2) Surfing Internet

3) Chatting


Dec 2008 - Dec 2010

CCNA 2 (Routers & Routing Basics)

Cisco System, Inc
Dec 2007 - Dec 2009

CCNA 1 (Network Basic)

Cisco System, Inc