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Michael is an IT consultant for Business Intelligence Development, an IT lecturer for Agile Project Management and Business Intelligence practices. He spent most of his career in the enterprise development scene, that's why he is well versed when it comes in designing and implementing enterprise level solutions like ERP's and CRM's. He is also  known for his Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence projects

As far as software providers are concerned he has work with the products of SAP AG, Oracle and Microsoft. His most notable expertise lies with SQL Server, he has demonstrated his proficiency in using SQL Server: Reporting Services, Analysis Services and Integration Services, this is evident through the quality of softwares and solutions that he has done. On the other hand, when it comes to development technologies, he primarily uses VB.NET and PHP. 


Help organizations achieve their optimum efficiency by developing a software solution that would help them make key organizational data available and easily understandable to the decision makers. Aside from that, he also aims to improve the quality of developers by teaching them sound software engineering practices as well as the introducing them to new technologies that help them gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Work experience


Business Intelligence Development Consultant

Independent Contractor

Design, develop and implement business intelligence solutions for companies that would help them fully realize and understand their current business status. 


IT Lecturer

Independent Contractor

Empowers IT professionals by making them aware of sound software development practices. Conducts lectures on Agile Development, specifically on SCRUM to help IT professionals and developers adapt to a more realistic approach in project management.


Agile Trainer / Scrum Master

Independent Contractor

Help companies in the realization of their projects by providing assistance on people and resource management. Most notably, using the SCRUM framework. Help team members effectively communicate to one another as well as optimize their work efforts through various techniques and practices. As well as ensuring that the SCRUM processes are followed throughout the development life cycle


Web Developer

Independent Contractor

Develop various web products and applications using popular web technologies like ASP.NET, PHP and Ruby On Rails.



Bachelor of Science

Far Eastern University

Earned Units


SQL Server


Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Application Development