Melvin Yang

Melvin Yang

wants to work with you!


I consider myself as a detail-oriented person with excellent follow-up skills and fast adaptation,

the great sense of humor and responsibility has made the last ingredients of my potential

success. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions about me.


Work experience
2014 - 2015

Retail Banking & Wealth MTanagement , Credit Card Direct Sales

HSBC Bank (TAIWAN) Limited

1.Develop the potential customers and marketing promotion

2.Invite member to the business unit in order to increase the exposure rate and on-line trading.

2015 - 2015

Ground Crews

Far Easten Air Transport

  The airport transportation service is the direct contact department between the airline company and passengers, the people who work in this department, are called “the ground crews”, my job is focus on the service before boarding, which included as follow: at the check-in counter, they help passengers with check-in procedure, check the ID and passports, scale luggage, book seats, and issue airline tickets and boarding passes.

  In the boarding waiting room, they help passengers go through custom check points, make update announcement, remind people the boarding time, and broadcast for the passengers who have checked-in but not yet board the plane; not to mention other services especially for the VIP customers.

  Besides those, the ground crews also manage the air meals with the airborne kitchen, passengers’ lost and found, and customer relationship.

2010 - 2012


Polymer  Optical Co

1.Maintainthe good relationship with the costomers and reach the monthly assigned goal.

2.Develop the potential customers and marketing promotion

2012 - 2012

Part Time



2008 - 2012

Business Administration

Asia University
2005 - 2008

Academic Department

Ming-Dao High School



Adobe Photoshop

Business Economics

Financial management

Microsoft Office


    My  name  is  Melvin  Yang,  graduated  from  the  department  of  Business  Management  of  Asia  University.

    As  an  ambitious  and  optimistic  person,  I  always  challenge  myself  with  new  things  in  various  fields.  Also  as  a  hard  worker,  I  believe  practice  makes  perfection  so  that  I  enjoy  putting  more  effort  to  achieve  my  goals.

    Another  key  of  my  success  is  my  sincerity  toward  people  around  me.  I  obtained  great  satisfaction  when  dealing  with  customer  needs  and  helping  with  solution  making.

    I  stood  out  for  the  leadership  during  my  university  studies.  I  was  first  elected  as  a  club  president,  and  then  we  had  held  several  community  service  around  the  campus  successfully  under  my  lead. 

    Right  after  graduation,  new  job  related  experience  have  taught  me  the  importance  of  well-communication  with  people  you  corporate  with.  In  order  to  become  a  great  employee,  you  not  only  need  to  enhance  your  professionalism  but  also  present  pleasant  attitude  towards  customers. 

    I  believe  with  what  I  am  capable  of  and  my  positive  attitude  toward  work  both  make  me  an  excellent  and  potential  employee  in  this  big  family,  and  I  look  forward  to  this  opportunity  and  to  start  my  learning  curve  from  here. 

    Thank  you  for  your  considerations  and  hope  to  hear  from  you  soon.