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Work experience

Sep 2008Jul 2011

Electrical Supervisor

Deltana, C.A

Responsible for the construction and installation of all electrical and instrument work done on skids for a petrol platform, constructed on-shore, and later taken to site, off-shore. Major accomplishment in areas of:

  •  Materials take off for completion of E&I work pending on skids.
  •  Improvement in preparation of the schedule to comply with assignments.
  •  Development of an organization plan, to support flexible work force, to reduce idle  time. 
  •  Inspection and signing off of ITR’s and certifying of equipments together with the client.
Jul 2005Dec 2007

E&I Construction Supervisor

DSD (Cementec) C.V.G.


Responsible for the dismounting of an old kiln, and the mounting of a new one in the same area, together with maintaining all utility in support of the entire Site, to the surveillance and  maintenance of all aseptic areas supporting Construction.

  •  Provide a team for the preparation, testing and termination of Hi-VOTAGE cables.
  •  Planning and preparing a schedule to comply with the critical path.
  • Completion of the Installation according to assigned contract.
May 2004Dec 2004

Electrical Supervisor

Foster Wheeler (Tecnoconsult)

Responsible for the coordination, inspection and programming of the activities to comply with the SHUT DOWN schedule. These activities included the:

  • Excavation and Preparation of Cable trenches, cable pulling including back filling and              compaction.
  • Megger and HI-pot testing of underground cables.
  •  Cable pulling and dressing in cable trays and conduits.
  •  Termination in junction boxes, panels and switch-gears.
Nov 2002Apr 2004

QA/QC Coordinator

Hamaca Crude Up-Grade Project

Developed and approved quality plans for QC manual in accordance with the standards and specifications require for the project.

  • Training and preparation of an inspection team responsible for the signing off of ITR’S (inspection & test reports).
  • Training of Craft and best lessons learned, thus reducing cost, misuse of material and down time.
  • Developed and executed implementation plans for ISO 9000 certification.
  • Preparation of work package and distribution to assigned sub-contractors.
Jun 2002Oct 2002

Resident Engineer

Dacion Lasmo Faculty

Responsible for addressing any electrical and instrument problems that may affect progress, also for development and implementation in support for the project, such as:

  • Negotiation with the Client in analysing and accepting modifications to conditions that reduce cost and misuse of materials.
  • Preparation of AS-Built drawings and adoption to original schematics.
  • Designing and implementing modifications to computerized soft ware circuitry.
  • Loop testing and calibration of instruments
  • Commissioning and staring up of two natural gas compressors.
Jan 2001May 2002

E&I Construction Supervisor

Foster Wheeler (Caribe Corporation)

Responsible for inspecting and signing off of work done by sub-contractors during the construction of the DELAYED COKER plant; such as:

  • Construction and cable pulling in Duct-Banks and cable trenches.
  • Raceway installation of cable trays and conduit.
  • Mounting and installation of Low, Medium and High volt Switch-gears in MCC control.
  • Mounting and installation of DCS, UPS & VFD panels in satellite control building.
May 1998Jan 2001

E&I Superintendent

Raytheon Overseas International

Responsible for the supervision and inspection of sub-contractors during the construction of the HBI (Hot Briquette Industry) project, which involved the mounting of two reactors:

  • Surveying and Layout of grounding mesh for 13.8kv main sub-station.
  • Cad welds connection and earth continuity test of main sub-station grounding circuit.
  • Mounting and installation of two 13.8kv gas (SF6) circuit breakers.
  • Mounting and installation of two 34.5MVA transformers, testing and humidity removal from the oil.
  • Cable pulling with dynamiters, verifying the permissible pulling strength.
  • Commissioning and starting up of the plant.
Mar 1996Apr 1998

Resident Engineer

Comsigua ABB HBI Project

Responsible for addressing issues pertaining to the job and resolving problems on site, together with the sub-contractors; which were:

  • Layout and connection of grounding mesh for main sub-station.
  •  Mounting and installation of two 13.8kv gas (SF6) circuit breakers.
  •  Mounting and installation of two 35MVA transformers.
  •  Cable pulling through duct-banks and manholes, approximately 80mtrs.
  •  Torque application to low, bus-bar and high volt terminations.
  •  Commissioning and starting up of the plant.
Apr 1993Feb 1996

E&I Construction Supervisor

Den-Spie (Foster Wheeler) P.A.R.C.

Responsible for the supervision of a group of 36 persons, with assignments pertaining to the job; which were:

  • Cable pulling and termination in power, control panels and junction boxes.
  • Megger and continuity testing of instrument, power and control circuits.
  • Conduit and cable-tray raceway installation works.
  • Preparation and termination of hi-volt (13.8kv) cables in switch-gear.
  • Support commissioning and starting up of plant.
Feb 1991Dec 1992

Electrical Supervisor

ABB Minorca

Responsible for the supervision of a group of 25 persons in a pellet plant, with assignments pertaining to the job; which were:

  • Fabrication and mounting of supports for cable tray and conduit race-ways.
  • Cable pulling dressing and separating of special circuits in cable trays.
  • Cad welds terminations for grounding of vessels and equipment's.
  • Dressing and termination of instrument and control circuits in panels.  
May 1989Jan 1991

Maintenance Superintendent

Sural C.A / C.T.A

Responsible for the maintenance, repairs and servicing of electrical & electronic equipments in the plant; which were:

  • Preparing a 2 year shut-down program to comply with scheduled time for maintenance, reducing lost time by 10%.
  • Repairs and service to electronic devices thus reducing cost by 5%.
  • Training personnel on the function and application of programmable equipment, thus improving production by 15%.
Jun 1985Apr 1989

E&I Maintenance Superintendent

Piven S.A

Responsible for maintenance, repairs and servicing of electrical equipments, with a group of 10 employees; such repairs were:

  • Revision of ABB/PLC program during shut-down period, updating certain elements to improve the function of various equipment's.
  • Repairs and service to ABB converters (Tyrak “L”) reducing failure by 5%.
  • Servicing and repairs to AC/DC motors, replacement of worn brushes and damage contacts in cont actors.
Oct 1979May 1985

E&I Maintenance Supervisor

Sural C.A.

Responsible for maintenance, repairs and servicing of electrical equipments with a group of 15 employees; which were:

  • Servicing and repair works to 16, 25 & 50 tons overhead VFD control cranes.
  • Repair and servicing to numerical control lathes, drilling and shaping machines etc.
  • Participating in maintenance program during the shut-down period.


Aug 1989Sep 1989


Instituto National Cooperacion

Planning of a Working Schedule, and plotting out the critical paths to avoid interference with the program. 

Jan 1975Oct 1976


City & Guilds of London Institute

Industrial Electrical Works in planning and installing motors, panels, mounting of Switch Gears and Circuit Breakers in Sub- Stations and M.C.C Buildings etc.

Mar 1972Apr 1975


City & Guilds of London Institute

Planning and designing an Electrical Installation Work  for apartment buildings, supermarkets and poultry farms. 

May 1971Jul 1972


City & Guilds of London Institute

Craft work in utilizing hand tools, numerical control lathes, drilling and shaping machines, for the fabrication of any damaged part of equipment's. 


Experienced in Tubing Work and designing layout for instrument supports on projects.
Experienced in working on projects in the industrial and construction ambient.