Stephen T Holmes

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 1994 - Present

Relay Agent & AIC

Sprint Relay Texas at Austin

Relay for the Deaf Community, both for Texas and for the United States, and International

Jan 1988 - Present

Site Coordinator


Managed staff for elderly care program in mostly south Sacramento.  Designed routes and managed staff that met with recipients each day.

Jan 1988 - Jun 2002

Learning Clinician

Melvin-Smith Learning Center

Learning clinician, working with wide variety of ages, from ages 6 t0 60.  Worked with people with learning issues, whether behavioral or medical.  Some clients would be what we might term ADD or ADDHD or some were recovering from head trauma. Testing was a large part of this job, as well as evaluation and practice of various exercise routines to tailor-fit each person's particular learing issue.


Jun 1981 - Dec 1987

University of Texas at Austin