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Senior M.B.A. executive with solid experience in increasing business development margins, strengthening corporate and governmental relations, and strategizing in for-profit and non-profit management to gain future market leverage, as well as increasing community corporate support. Additional talents include product and brand marketing, and a direct specialization in providing superior client support services. Ms. Oyler has a strong budgeting background with a R.O.I. emphasis and a proven track record in substantially improving company profits by an annual minimum of 11-15%, and historically increasing corporate funding by an average of 48%-71%.

A respected and nationally recognized leader, she is able to  easily manage others, analyze business processes effectively, develop new consumer products-brands, and create cohesive and productive working relationships with clients, peers, subordinates, volunteers, and State legislators. She is fluent in strategic business operations, information management, social media, and supervisory management of 65+ personnel.  Skilled in MS Office, AS400 Systems, Goldmine, various social media, and additionally, is professionally certified in Non Profit Management. 

Additionally, experienced with an operating budget in excess of $250,000, fluid with developing, training, and motivating staff; can internationally travel, and relocate quickly.

Additional proven expertise in:

¨    Corporate Training

¨    POS, POP, Direct Response   

¨    Client Liaison  (CRM) 

¨    Project Management                  

¨    Product/Brand Marketing         

¨    Product Development

¨    Organizational Development     

¨    Regulatory & Compliance       

¨    Quality Control (Six Sigma)


I am seeking a challenging and interesting, managerial leadership opportunity, - that which will utilize my background and personal strengths in client services and operations management.  Perhaps most importantly, I'm interested in an opportunity that will enable me to professionally grow and contribute to the steady positive growth of an industry or community leader, and/or a  local government's conventional interests. My professional background, while varied and diversified in different markets, is also a great strength and asset, in that I can readily integrate and assimilate into any organization, and put together effective leadership, communication, marketing, and business strategies, no matter the niche market.  


If your organization is searching for an individual who is an enthusiastic self-starter, effective communicator and listener, a team player, (but can "play alone"), has an easy sense of humor, but conversely, embodies a hard work ethic and high integrity and principles, then search no more.....

*Quality professional and personal references are readily available; able to relocate quickly and easily.

Thank you very much for your time.


Kat Quast

Melanie served with me on the Board of Directors of Variety Children's Charity while employed with Family Services of Metro Orlando. Melanie is a devoted, organized and excellent communicator. I feel she would be an asset to any organization that is lucky enough to acquire her skills. Melanie did an excellent job of fund raising and developing corporate relationships for FSMO and Variety Children's Charity. Melanie is a strong advocate of children's rights, orphaned, fostered and disabled alike. She sat on many boards, coordinated and planned numerous events and lobbied in Tallahassee. Melanie made certain that business and community leaders in Central Florida understood the plight of these children and how their help and voices could improve lives. Melanie continues to fight to improve the rights and conditions of Florida's children and all children across the United States.” January 27, 2009

Frank Candy

“It has been my pleasure and honor to work with Melanie Olyer for over a decade on projects with our company and projects in the community. She has an excellent reputation for making things happen and getting things done on time, and within the budget. Since 1998, I have observed and admired Melanie’s work in business, attending college and graduating with an MBA, working with charities, and still have a balanced life. Melanie assisted us with marketing our business, plus made valuable suggestions to improve the processes, with Six Sigma, so we run with greater efficiency, and her attention to detail always exceeded our high expectations. Melanie has demonstrated a high level of accomplishment and responsibility in her work, studies, career, volunteer endeavors and personal life. Melanie can brighten any room she walks into. If you are lucky enough to know Melanie, and experience her in your life, you will be much richer for it. Please call me at any time if you would like to discuss any of the facts I have stated here. Respectfully, Frank Candy Founder, CEO, President American Speakers Bureau” January 29, 2009

Jordan Goodman

Melanie stayed on top of all the details of a complex project and kept it moving from inception to launch. She is very easy to work with and has high standards.” November 14, 2007

Top qualities: Personable , On Time , High Integrity

Tim Robinson

Melanie is a very dedicated and committed individual who gives 110% to everything she does.

She has excellent relationship management skills and is very effective in setting and managing the expectations of her clients. She would be an asset to any organization.” January 27, 2009

Hendrick de Vries

“Melanie was the first client relationship manager at Dynetech and blazed the trail for others, like myself to follow successfully.” April 15, 2008

Rachel Hamman

“Melanie dedicated hundreds of hours of her precious time to volunteer for our children's charity. Her multiple skill sets, coupled with her dynamic personality made her every Executive Director's dream. Whether it was assisting in organizing a fundraiser or sprearheading a service project with the kids, Melanie was always gave 100%. If this is how she was in an unpaid position, you can only imagine her mindet when she is being paid what she is worth! She would be a tremendous asset to any organization who is seeking a talented, self-starter.” January 27, 2009

Diana Hill

“Melanie was my business manager when my product was marketed by the company she worked for. She was always effective and professional. It would be a pleasure to work with her again anytime.” January 28, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Joe Kilsheimer

“Melanie brings a sense of class to any endeavor in which she's involved. I have seen her navigate through trouble-shooting situations in which she skillfully and diplomatically handled the issues and personalities involved.” November 14, 2007

Alan Abramowitz

“Melanie passion for the work in child welfare made her an excellent person to to interact with corporate partners, community partners and develope funds to improve Central Florida's social services. She has a strong work ethic and speaks with a commitment that is needed to have great outcomes. I recommend Melanie for jobs where relationships with your clients, funders or providers is critical for success.” January 27, 2009

Paul Martello

It is a privilege for me to recommend Melanie Oyler for a position with your company. If you are looking for a tremendously motivated employee with great energy and passion, she is the right person for the job. Melanie also possesses the integrity, character, morals and values you would wish for from any employee...all traits that are extremely difficult to find in this day and age. She will always bring a smile and positive attitude to the job. In short, Melanie has all the attributes necessary to be a valuable asset to your company!” January 31, 2009

Debbie Davis

Melanie is one of the most professional and detailed sales executives that I have ever worked with. It is her attention to detail that in a long sales cycle makes the difference between winning and losing.” November 14, 2007

Amy Kryszan

Melanie is passionate about her work, especially when it comes to helping children. Melanie is very kind to all she meets and works very hard to ensure things are done in a timely and professional manner.” November 25, 2007

Jason Horowitz

In the brief time I worked with Melanie on her event with FSMO, it was clear that she is energetic, focussed and dedicated to the success of her event. I can safely say that whatever she gets her hands on will be treated with the upmost care, concern and priority.” February 7, 2009


  • Met, and exceeded, initial first year development goals of 15%, by an additional 10%. Increased the corporate community profile with aggressive recruiting for non-restrictive monies for one of Florida's largest Community-based care agencies, on a budget of $47 million at Family Services of Metro Orlando, and Managed $250K of Agency's annual budget.
  • Dramatically increased student enrollment from 742 to 30,000 in 18 months at Dynetech Corporation
  • Increased client base by 22%, including personally attaining Countrywide Mortgage, through the implementation of strategically creative target marketing at Kirchman Corporation.
  • Recognized nationally as an "Unsung Hero" by Representative Marco Rubio, Florida's Speaker of the House, in 2007, for contributions to the adoption and foster care system in Central Florida; Nominated for the national Ruth Massinga Award by Casey Foundation.
  • Recognized for "Outstanding Public Relations" by the State of Florida for developing a client, community-centered resolution approach and devising contingency plans in key demographic areas.

Work experience


Operations Management Analyst & Business Consultant

Leverage Healthcare & Oyler Syndicate, Inc.

(Projects in FL, TN, NC, KY, VA, & WV)

Supervise and assist with private project consultation for consumer goods, hospitality, health care, and government institutions on customer and corporate relationship matters, product & brand marketing, business plan creation, and various regulatory-JCAHO compliance concerns.

Director of Corporate Relations & Development


·Created and managed a development and awareness program, implemented an agency-wide capital fundraiser entitled the “Heart Gallery Gala”

·Annually managed $250,000.00 of the agency’s $47 Million budget

·Corporate child welfare spokesperson to media, State Legislatures, community, philanthropists and Foundations

·Recruited, trained, and managed 65 volunteers, interns, and Board of Director members


·Achieved annual goals of increasing public funding by 71% and placing 22% of foster children in permanent homes

·Successful at raising an additional 10% above annual fund raising goals

·President- Florida State Chapter , FCAA- Foster Care Alumni Association of America, 2007

·Recognized nationally as an “Unsung Hero,” by Representative Marco Rubio, Florida’s Speaker of the House-2007

·Nominated for the “Ruth Massinga Award” by The Casey Foundation


Client Relations Manager - Product Marketing Manager


    ·Public relations, customer service and project management for the company’s largest clients

    ·Analyzed and projected sales volumes, managed key vendor relationships

    ·Assessed consumer purchasing trends and key external factors, issuing market updates

    ·Product development, international media buying and event planning and international product launch tours

    ·Project management, product and services integration manager


    ·Developed highly effective B2B and direct to market international product and service campaigns

    ·Created new and innovative product branding concepts, influenced package and product design decisions - successful at dramatically increasing worldwide school enrollment from 742 to 30,000 paying students in 1 1/2 years of strategic marketing and media placement


Director of Marketing & Client Services



    ·Tracked weekly and district sales volumes, handled all POP and POS advertising

    ·Managed annual $100,000 budget based upon customer profiling and product usage

    ·Created catering opportunities for 20 store locations, secured long term vendor contracts

    ·Developed customer surveys and company website to promote brand and product knowledge

    ·Promoted individual stores by utilizing all available media, grass roots marketing, billboards, radio, and coupons


    ·Increased corporate productivity through mandatory training and development of  approx. 475 staff

    ·Streamlined package and menu design of store items

    ·Established a database management system to streamline overall retail operations, sales, and marketing


Sales Manager & Business Analyst


Sales Manager/Business Analyst- Promotion in 2000

·Staffed and supervised a four (4) person staff in “de novo” sales

·Territory assignment, training and management for sales unit

·Managed department budget, marketing programs and assigned sales volume requirements

·Maintained sales volume and product mix, conducted weekly sales meetings


·Increased client base by 22% in one year

·Personally attained top client Countrywide Mortgagewith target networking

Banking Software Account Manager

·Managed Client Portfolios exceeding $30 billion in assets

·Financial reporting and analysis, project manager, managed vendor and compliance troubleshooting

·Administered software testing & tech support, detected and predicted client hardware and software needs

·Trained staff in ACH, ATM, EFT, Front End and Branch Teller, CRM, Call Center, implementations etc.


Human/Client Services Program Analyst


Alcohol, Drug Abuse, & Mental Health Program Office

(O.P.S. - Temporary)

    ·State representative for public and government relations, community education and brand marketing

    ·Conducted case management, unique medical case investigations and performed forensic presentations

    ·Performed National, State, and Local Government regulatory & compliance audits(O.P.S. position)


    ·Recognized for “Outstanding Public Relations” by the State of Florida.


Practice Administrator

New Life Heart Care, Inc.

Medical-Cardiology Practice Administrator, (5 Clinical Locations)


Masters Degree - MBA


Operations Management - R.O.I & Supervisory Skills
Non Profit Management
Digital & Social Media - Technology Overall
Product/Brand Marketing
Program & Project Management
Six Sigma - Quality Control
Customer-Client Relations & CRM
Regulatory Affairs - Public Administration
Sales & Business Development
Brand Marketing & Product Development
Community & Government Relations
Corporate Training


Non Profit Management

Rollins College, November 2007