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Melodee Mcmillan

District Area Coordinator/Asst Mgr

Work experience

Area coordinator within the store

Roses Department Store
  1. Overseeing softlines,processing of reight,merchandising,operating register when needed,planograms.markdownsi also was video mgr until I transferred to lumberton store were I had to work my way back up I was part time in infants but I made my way back to full time in housewares in hard lines then eventually I was promoted to P.C.A. Specialist for awhile then I got married and moved back to Hope mills which I went back to Roses and was the area coordinator within the store which I stayed for awhile then a couple of years later i got a  better job at Goody's Family Clothing as Asst Mgr.

Asst Mgr

Goody's family Clothing

Opening and closing the store ,overseeing certain area in the store unloading trucks,bank deposit,operating the register,doing operations and traveling to help out at other stoes if needed .

District Area Coordinator

Roses Variety Wholesalers

Traveling to different stores in the district training and helping with whatever need to be done merchandising,planograms,markdowns,putting out freight ,opening new stores in the district and remodeling stores in district when needed......


High School Dilpoma

South Robeson High School

Went to school for 12 yrs and graduated but I didn't further my education.


I have  worked in retail for 16 yrs or more I have traveled with the Special Project Team when I was the  Area Coordinator the district I helped with opening new stores  and remoldling stores, and training the new associates on how to read planograms,processing the merchandise, merchandising the flow.