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Work experience

Fire watch

Performance Contractors
Aug 2010Present

Bus Driver

Petal School District

I worked for Petal School District as a substitute bus driver and substitue teacher in 2010.  I returned in 2011 as a full time bus driver for the duration of that year.  I left Petal school District because i was finished with my college degree and seeking full time employment.  I returned in 2012 to monitor/substitue bus driver currently seeking employment now because i need more stable work.

Nov 2004Dec 2007

receiving/grocery stocker


I helped unload the trucks that delivered groceries to walmart.  Then,  the freight was put on pallets pulled to the floor and placed on appropriate isles.  After, the isles where stocked then zoned I was responsible for cleaning the isle and going to other parts of the store to assist others that my need help. 


Jan 2010May 2011


William Carey University

I received a Bachelor degree in Physical Educaiton and Health at William Carey Universtiy.  I only attended this college for a year, the majority of my education was received at University of Southern Mississippi.  I also have an associate degree from Jones Junior College in the same subject area.  I am skilled in teaching most sports, physical education, and health education.  I  have taken many courses and put in many hours of practice teaching required by the institues i attended.  I have taught classes with children with dissibilites and regular education and can teach K-12 

Aug 1995May 2010


University of Southern Mississippi

I attended USM after i graducated from Jones Junior College.  I went there almost 3 semesters, and moved, married and had a child.  I was a homemaker/babysitter/and cleaned businesses while my child was small.  After my child got older i attneded USM a second time and almost finished my degree after leaving them i attended William Carey University where i finished my degree.  While attending USM i did most of my teaching experience there.  I was sent to several schools to learn to teach health education and physical education.  Also, the dubard school, which is an school for children with dissiabilities that ranged from hearing loss, language loss, missing limbs and different behavorial and autistic spectrums.  I took many classes that taught me to adminster physical education testing, teaching sport skills as well as sports and teaching health education.  I was on the deans list every semester the second time i attended and my advisor was Dr. Nancy Speed and am sure she would give me an excellent reference.   

Aug 1991May 1994


Jones Junior College

I attended jcjc right out of High school.  I wasnt sure what i wanted to do so just took basic classes.  I didnt attended consistantly for three years.  Then, when i decided i wanted to teach/coach i finished my degree wich was an associated degree in pree education.


bus driver
Bus driver, can  go under many skills.  Sometimes, u are a counsler for the children.  U have to manage with paying attention to them as well as the road.  I have a class B with S indorsments which is for an extra large bus.  I have manged up to 60 children will driving.  I also have monitored the handicapped busses.  In which, I helped load and unload wheelchairs and secure them on the bus and monitor children with dissibilites that range from anger problems, autism, hearing loss and blindness.
I have not worked yet as a teacher.  Although i have had many hours put into teaching and making lesson plans.  The institues that i received my degrees had me sent to schools where i taught children that where disabled as well as regular education at all levels.  I have also worked as a substitue teacher when i was receiving my degree and also a busdriver.  It takes a great responsibilyty to monitor around 40 children and drive them safely to and from their destinations.


Marty Smith

When i worked for Performance Contractors this was my immediate supervisor and I have known him for 22 years.

Bill Lott

Bill Lott was my immediate supervisor at the Petal school District.

Nancy Speed

Dr. Speed was my advisor and professor at USM when i attended.  She taught many of my classes that where required for my degree and was a mentor.