Melissa Ruvalcaba

Melissa Ruvalcaba

Work experience

Work experience

Training Manager Trainee/Hostess

Ben Pao Restaurant/Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises

Mastered each position and operations as a whole, including detailed tasks and procedures, then created solutions to improve efficiency.

Developed higher standards of training and service.

Jun 2004 - Apr 2009

Assistant Executive Director

Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce

Reinstated quarterly membership newsletter in December 2004.  Designed, wrote and/or edited every publication.  Some current samples are linked at right.  Other copies can be found at,

Launched website, in 2004.  Gathered information, photos and design elements and wrote the majority of the copy. 

Composed the copy and gathered pictures for Community Resource Guides. (Published in 2004 and 2009).

Authored guest column for the local newspaper, The Times (2007-2008), centered on relating personal experiences to the community at large and the work of the Chamber.  Some samples are linked at right.  Other samples can be found at, (search:  Melissa Ruvalcaba)

Initiated citywide Gift Certificate Program. (March 2005)  Through this program, the Chamber sold $17,000 the first year.  In 2008, the Chamber sold over $60,000 in gift certificates, further enabling the community to keep money local.

Collaborated with interested volunteers to form two business leads referral groups-Ottawa Business Builders 1 (July 2005) and Ottawa Business Builders 2 (November 2007).

In partnership with a local business and volunteers, launched Phase One of Ottawa's Citywide Recycling Program, currently with over 50 collection points. (February 2008)

Apr 2000 - Aug 2003

Project Coordinator/Project Manager

Developed and managed multiple annual continuing education programs and networking events.

Designed and wrote copy for numerous brochures promoting educational seminars for appellate lawyers and chief judges of appellate courts (8-10/year).

Corresponded  and interacted regularly with highly esteemed judges, educators and lawyers.

Established new membership level within the Appellate Judges Conference, attracting over 400 new members, 10% of which were new to the American Bar Association.


Sep 1993 - Feb 1997

Advanced studies toward Bachelors of Science in Architectural Science.  One year of study in Hospitality Management.

One of my most enjoyable elective courses involved writing reviews of a broad range of campus theatre productions.





Adobe Pagemaker

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Office

Regularly use Outlook, Word and Publisher.  Intermediate Proficiency in Excel and Access.