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- Ventura Varsity Girls Golf (4 years)

- Loma Vista 4-H (10 years)

- Helping in a 4th grade classroom at Poinsettia Elementary School (1 year)

- NHS (3 years)

- CSF (4 years)

- Youth and Government (2 years)

Character Trait

A character trait that has become very important to me this year is reputation.  For a news writer or an opinion writer, this would definitely make sense, but for a social media editor, why would reputation be important?  It is important to me because since I control all of the media that goes out for the site, I have to keep it professional on all terms, including two important areas: visually professional and socially professional.

Visually professional:

One important part of my job is making sure that all the grammar on the Facebook is correct and making sure that everything on the twitter is correct.  This is extremely important because professional news sites do not have bad grammar all over their social media, and we want our site to be as professional as possible.  Having this good reputation as a site that is as professional as big news websites is very important.

Socially professional:

Keeping it socially professional is my way of saying that I have to make sure that there is no inappropriate material going up on our social media.  This can especially happen on our twitter. I do not actually use the twitter, I just manage it and make sure that all the material going on it is appropriate and professional.  When we do retweets, sometimes there are tweets that aren't necessarily related to the site, and some people that we follow that constantly post inappropriate things, and it is my job to check these things.

This is why reputation is important to me.  Making sure that I use the social media in an appropriate and professional way to keep our site just as professional as press organizations like The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times.

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Dragon Press Twitter

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Best Work of 2014

Storify: Remembering Chris Prewitt

This was a part of an article that I really enjoyed participating in, because it was a part of a article that had a huge impact on our school and our community.  Megan Kearney and I both worked together to create this Storify.  The Storify included tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts that were all related to the tragic death of previous Foothill teacher Chris Prewitt.  It was a great thing to be a part of this article to create a memorial for the amazing man that Prewitt was, and was also difficult to gather all the posts without getting emotional.

Students raise awareness for Sierra Leone at benefit concert

I had a great time doing this article, and also volunteered very last minute to do this article as well, which made it more memorable. This article was also an important event to cover because Schools For Salone is a very important and beneficial organization that does so much good for the world, and it is great to support them and help them be successful.  I felt that I managed to incorporate all the things that were going on at the event, including all the acts, the silent auction, the bake sale, etc., and also included all the work that these organizations do to help places like Sierra Leone.

New ping pong club to help students relieve stress

This was an article that I did at the beginning of the year, which may not have been the most important article, but it was enjoyable to write.  It was a new club at our school that no one really knew about, and being able to do an article on it was a great opportunity.  Little articles like these don't get a lot of recognition but they are still very important and have to be done.

Initiative Taken

Covering the freshman project

This was a great example of initiative for me. The 9th grade project was on a Monday, and the news editors had somehow not assigned a person to the story.  So, the day of the event they frantically were trying to find a person to cover it, and no one in news could/wanted to, as in other sections, and they had absolutely no one to cover the very important event.  So, I volunteered my time to cover the event, even though I could have gotten out early and hung out with friends, to do my duty to the press and work as a journalist.


This was another great example of initiative for me this year.  We have an Instagram account that as social media editor I regularly used, and when Thanksgiving came around, I came up with this idea.  I thought that it would be fun to have Foothill students Instagram their Thanksgiving dinners with a specific hashtag so I could gather them all up, and then take all the photos put towards us and make a collage and post in on Instagram.  It was a great way to include the school in our publication and was fun for the students to see all the different ways people celebrate the holiday.


Meeting Deadlines
Meeting deadlines is something that has always been easy.  Whether it is a 24 hour deadline or an article that has to come in in a week, I am always on top of it.  I always turn in my homework on time for my other classes, and that really helped in this class.  I mainly work with 24 hour deadlines, and have become very experienced in that area.  It became second nature for me to start writing immediately after the event ends.
Throughout the years, my confidence has really improved.  I am still not the most confident person, but it is definitely better than it was 2 years ago.  I think that my confidence has benefitted because of my experience interviewing people, learning to appreciate your work and writing, seeing it up on the site and knowing that people all over the world are reading it, and getting awards in conferences and in class to recognize your hard work.
Using Computers
As social media editor, I have been using computers as my job all year.  I have learned all about social media and how to use all the different sites, and also have separate jobs in 4th period.  In 4th, I have work online with google docs and the back end where I have to figure out how to do stuff on the computer or the IPad, and since computers have always come naturally to me, it was all fairly easy after practice and messing around with the program.
Photography is something that I am not horrible at, but still not very good at.  I definitely know the different techniques that create a great photograph, but lack the raw talent and expensive gear to create those amazing photographs.  However, my time on the press has definitely improved it, and taking photos of events and people most definitely contributed to that.
Videography is something that I have also been working on in the past couple years.  I definitely experienced it when I took video for the Every 15 Minutes video, and just dabbled in some other films on the site.  Video is something that is pretty easy to pick up, and after a few times using the camera it just came naturally to me, and was very easy.
News Writing
I have spent the last three years in journalism working on my writing, and I truly believe that is has improved drastically.  I can now whip out a news article in record time and it will actually be a good article.  Compared to when I first joined the class and started writing, it is much better.  I have better grammar, better understanding of AP Style, and a better understanding of news writing in general.