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Work experience

When I joined the journalism class at the semester, I was only trained how to write a news article.  In the middle of the semester, there was a play that the Arts and Entertainment section had to cover, but didn't have anyone to attend the event.  Even though I had never written an article for this section, I decided to volunteer to write the article.  It was difficult for me to adjust to the different writing style at first.  There are different rules that you have to follow depending on what kind of article you are writing, and I was not aware of some of the rules to write an A&E article.  However I am glad that I wrote the article, because now I have a little experience in something other than News.  Another example of when I took initiative was when I volunteered to write an article that had to be written and put up that night.  I had to create a list of questions quickly so I could interview students and teachers at lunch.  I had to make an appointment with the principal after school because he was too busy to be interviewed during school.  I tried to write the best article I could under the time restrictions that I had, and was proud the end result.


Writing News Articles
Before I entered journalism, I did not know how to write a news article, create questions for interviewing, or how to approach people to interview.  Since I joined the journalism class at the semester, I was less experienced than everyone else in the class.  Despite this, I learned more about writing articles and journalism in the past five months than I ever thought I would learn.
I have not always been the kind of person who can speak confidently to others, whether it is one person or a large group.  Being in journalism has helped me learn how to speak to students, teachers and adults.  I now can walk up to a stranger and interview them with more confidence than before.
Although I do not belong to the photography section of the Foothill Dragon Press, I have had to take photos for many articles this year.  I have learned how to take a photo that represents the article I am writing in a professional way and improved my photography skills.

Hero project to be replaced with

Greek Week unites classes in fri



Outside of journalism, I participate heavily in the local 4-H club.  I work with kids as a teen leader of the cavies and rabbits project, I volunteer at different field days, I belong to the board as treasurer (in the past I have been president, secretary, sergeant at arms, refreshments committee, etc.), and volunteer at any events where my assistance is needed.  Sometimes I write articles for the 4-H newsletter about important upcoming events or reflect on events that have recently occurred.

Ventura High School Girls Golf Team

Golf has been a tradition in my family for many years, so I have been playing since I was a little girl.  As a freshman in high school, I made it onto Varsity on the girls golf team.  I play golf not only for school, but also for my own enjoyment. 

My Work

Hero project to be replaced with new senior assignment

This article was assigned, completed, and uploaded in one day.  Because of this, I was nominated and won the "Best Initiative" award.  Since this article was put up almost immediately after they announced the Hero Projects would be changed in the future, they could not release a lot of information to me.  Despite this, I worked hard  with what I was given and tried to make the best article I could.

Community celebrates Earth Day at Eco Fest

I co-wrote this article with Kienna Kulzer, another News writer.  This was a very fun event to cover.  There was so much going on at the Earth Day Eco Fest, and I wanted to see it all.  Local businesses and eco-friendly people set up booths along the Ventura Promenade, so there were so many different activities going on.  They also had live music, entertainment on the stage, and food from different local stores.  All the activities made it difficult to decide what to write about, but it was an interesting article to write.

Students celebrate their achievements at Renaissance rally

This was my second article that I wrote as a member of the Foothill Dragon Press.  I joined the class at the beginning of second semester, so the standards were quite high.  I had not gotten adjusted to the class, and still had a hard time confronting students and parents to interview them.  Finishing this article was a big accomplishment for me and was an exciting event to cover.

Character Trait: Accuracy

Accuracy is important for every journalist and every newspaper.  Students and adults read these online newspapers to read the facts, not to read false assumptions we make.  Recently in my article about Seniors Awards Night, I had a mistake where I thought a student got an award when he didn't.  To be honest, the realization that I messed up in an article was embarrassing.  I was ashamed that I made a mistake in my article.  Now, I know that I have to make sure everything I put in my article is backed up with facts and good sources, because I don't want to feel that embarrassment again.  As a whole, the Foothill Dragon Press is a success because of the truthful and insightful articles we create.  Without accurate information, our newspaper would just end up being something like a gossip website.