Melissa Luther

Work History

Work History

Laboratory Biologist I

IIT Research Institute

Initially Melissa assisted in the planning and execution of in vitro toxicology experiments involving the effects of carcinogen and chemopreventive agents on cellular and biochemical endpoints.

After about a year, she moved on to manage daily operations in the Test Article Laboratory, where she was responsible for receipt, preparation, dispensation, and general maintenance of test substance records for preclinical toxicology studies.

In this capacity she:

  • Adapted sponsor-provided test article preparation procedures to IITRIs SOPs and requirements.
  • Optimized test article preparation procedures and efficiency.

When not needed in the Test Article Laboratory, she provided support in the analytical chemistry area, analyzing dose formulation, plasma and diet preparations as needed. Things she accomplished in this area include:

  • Trained other personnel in the use of the VarianStar HPLC system and software.
  • Trained other personnel in the use of the CoulArray electrochemical detector (an HPLC add-on).
  • Learned the basic use of the Waters Millennium Chromatography software.

Melissa also spent several years managing daily operations in one of IITRIs cell culture laboratories. In this capacity she:

  • Optimized cytotoxicity assays.
  • Learned software for a new spectrophotometer/plate reader as part of the process of optimizing the assays.
  • Learned use of AlphaImager software and trained other personnel in its use.
  • Assisted in planning and execution of in vitro toxicology experiments, learning to more independently plan and execute experiments given a general outline of the experimental direction.

Laboratory Biologist II

IIT Research Institute (IITRI)

As a Laboratory Biologist II, Melissa continued in an expanded capacity within the Test Article Laboratory, interacting with program personnel in planning and organizing preparations and analytical determinations as required. Within this capacity she:

  • Revised the Test Article SOPs
  • Revised the training criteria for the Test Article Laboratory
  • Trained several technicians to provide back-up during times of high-volume work

She also continued to assist in the Analytical Chemistry laboratory, perfoming analysis of diet preparations and plasma samples. Her experience includes

  • high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • electrochemical detection
  • IR.

She continued to manage the cell culture laboratory daily operations through the end of the grant under which it operated. Her experience includes:

  • cytotoxicity assays
  • cell growth assays
  • Western immunoblotting analyses
  • assisting in initial data analysis


LookSee Information Solutions, LLC

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HP Online Classes

Some of the courses I have taken over the years at HP Online Classes:

Home Office

  • Creating a distinctive identity: business cards, stationery and more
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word 2003
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007
  • Intermediate Microsoft Word 2007
  • Getting started with Microsoft Excel 2003
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007
  • Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
  • Setting up a wireless home network
  • Personal computer data storage 101
  • Understanding Windows Vista Home Basic and Home Premium

Security Solutions

  • Security boot camp
  • Protect yourself from spam and spyware
  • Tune up your PC
  • Tune up your Windows XP PC
  • Firewall basics

Digital Photography

  • Preserve your memories: creating a protecting archival-quality prints
  • Professional digital photography made simple
  • Beyond point and shoot: digital photo techniques
  • Digital imaging from camera to printer with Photosmart Essential
  • Beyond basics: fundamental photography techniques
  • Camera composition: change your perspective

Pendaflex Learning Center

Some of the classes I've taken over the years at Pendaflex Learning Center

Starting a Business

  • Fire Your Boss: Start Your Own Business
  • Building Your First Web Page
  • Start-Up Basics for the First-Time Entrepreneur
  • Designing and Equipping Your Home Office

Marketing a Business

  • Improve Your Business Networking skills
  • How to Give a Great Presentation
  • High Impact, Low Cost Marketing
  • Taking Your Small Business Online
  • Search Engines 101: Using Search Engines to Market Your Business
  • Online Marketing Tips

Managing a Business

  • Advanced Microsoft Word 2003
  • Introduction to PowerPoint 2003
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel 2003 Part I: Calculating and Analyzing Data
  • Introduction to Microsoft Access 2002
  • Intermendiate Microsoft Excel 2003
  • Beginning Microsoft Excel 2003
  • Intermediate Microsoft Word 2003
  • Running Your Small Business with Intuit QuickBooks 2006

Growing a Business

  • Guide to Practical Desktop Publishing
  • Graphic Design for Everyone
  • Business Etiquette
  • Project Management Made Simple

Personal Development

  • Professional Digital Photography Made Simple
  • Get Organized: Managing Time, Space, and Paper
  • How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci
  • Achieving Work-Life Balance
  • The Night Sky: An Introduction to Astronomy
  • Money Management for Women

Continuing Education Credits

Virtual University

I'm constantly looking for something new to learn!

I've taken numerous short (usually 3-5 weeks) online courses at Virtual University, Pendaflex Learning Center and HP Online Classes. These classes just skim the surface of most topics, but they are a wonderful way to get a feel for a topic, and most classes include additional resources for learning more after the class is over.

As you can see, I have quite varied interests!

Some of the classes I've taken over the years at Virtual University:

Business and Finance

  • Introduction to Copyright Law
  • Basic Principles of Sales and Marketing
  • How to Develop A Marketing Plan
  • Writing a Press Release
  • How to Save and Invest Wisely
  • Personal Finance 101

Journalism and Writing

  • Grammar Basics 1: Parts of Speech
  • Grammar Basics 2: Word Usage
  • Grammar Basics 3: Punctuation
  • Write Right -- Essential grammar and Style for Writers
  • Writing for the World Wide Web
  • Get Nonfiction Published Now
  • Break the Block

Internet and Tech Classes

  • HTML 1: Web Page Design for Beginners
  • HTML 2: Enhance Your Website
  • How to Design a Successful website
  • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
  • Introduction to Programming with Perl
  • Javascript 1 for Beginners
  • Unleash the Power of Meta Tags
  • Building An Offline Home Page
  • How to Build or Repair a Desktop PC
  • Writing Effective Email
  • How to Avoid Phishing and Identity Theft
  • Getting Started with 3.0

Paint Shop Pro and Graphics

  • Introduction to Color Theory

Academic Courses

  • How to Be Organized...In Spite of Yourself!
  • How to Study and Pass Tests
  • Criminal Psychology 2: Criminal Profiling
  • Criminal Psych 3: Patterns and Motives
  • Criminal Psych 4: A Study in Murder
  • Criminal Psych 6: Crime Across the Life Span
  • Introduction to Forensic Science
  • Forensic Science 2: Analyzing Evidence
  • Forensic Scince 4: Crime Profiles

Body, Mind and Soul

  • Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita
  • Further Studies in the Bhaagavad Gita
  • Practical and Easy Nutrition
  • Healing Herbs and Natural Remedies
  • Vitamin Basics: Help Yourself to Health
  • Stepping Stones to Organic Gardening