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I have more than 20 years of expertise in multiple facets of social work, earning respect as a trusted advocate for both children and adults. I am a passionately committed, client-focused professional who strongly believes in finding effective solutions for any situation. I’m skilled in over 14 modalities applicable to every age group including de-escalation, cognitive behavior, attachment-related disorders, emotional trauma, and general mental health. I have worked in a variety of environments, from school systems to government programs. I have worked alongside law enforcement, administrators, behavioral experts and other medical specialists, enabling me to strategically identify and diagnose the immediate and long-term needs of my clients. My recommendations are reliable, consistent and fact-based, compelling immediate implementation over 90% of the time. If your organization is looking for an extraordinarily dependable, culturally cognizant expert to ensure quality, empathy, and success for your clients, ask how my skills can further your objectives.

► Masterful at Crisis Management

► Innovative Problem Solver

► Cultivating Collaboration

Key Skills: Blends professionalism and compassion ● Values ethics and integrity  ● Reputation for being reliable, respected and competent  ● Motivational Interviewing and Dialectic Behavioral Training  ● Crisis Prevention Institute Training  ● Finely tuned investigative and assessment skills  ● Extraordinary sensitivity to cultural variations  ● Thrives in a fast-paced environment of unpredictability


Master of Social Work (MSW)

University of Missouri-Columbia

BS, Psychology and Sociology

Southwest Baptist University

Work experience


School Social Worker

Raytown School District

■ Generated creative programs to drastically cut teachers’ out of classroom time dedicated to handling influx of a transitional student population.
■ Slashed the burden on the teachers by 560 man hours, reducing wasted labor costs by over $16,000.
■ Incorporated video, writing and illustration to customize social stories relevant to each client’s needs.
■ Restructured and redesigned the protocols for incorporating incoming students, saving the pupils over 350 hours of out-of-class time.
■ Focused on creating long-lasting alliances based on common interests.
■ Launched untapped relationships with major community vendors, eliciting the support of the Raytown Emergency Assistance Program and Harvesters to provide food and school supplies to 1,640 at-risk children.
■ Led 83 impactful parenting education sessions.
■ Exceptionally proficient at managing high volume caseloads.
■ Simultaneously coordinated the care for 55 clients in four separate locations.
■ Masterfully authored new processes to directly address repetitive misconduct, resulting in an 80% behavioral turnaround.
■ Orchestrated programs with faculty and administrators to enable over 150 special needs children to enter a less restrictive environment, saving the school district $1M in associated costs for alternative schools.


Family Preservation Specialist and Supervisor

Gillis Center

■ Creates an atmosphere of calm by building trust.
■ Highest performing specialist in her department, resulting in a supervisory promotion within 12 months.
■ Working alongside Division of Family Services, oversaw cases for 156 children and 72 families in less than 48 months. Constantly cultivating communication and cooperation between parents, counselors, court appointees, and multiple division supervisors produced uncommon results, keeping 100% of the families intact.


Social Service Worker

Division of Family Services

■ Through diligent attention to the needs of clients and an extraordinary commitment to procedures that work, assessed safety and intervention requirements for over 366 crisis cases in less than two years.
■ Worked shoulder-to-shoulder with law enforcement, families, family court, and community service agencies in order to consistently maintain 95% compliance with 30-day case resolution deadlines.


Group or Individual Therapy Facilitator
Therapeutic Boundaries
PTSD Emphasis
SMART Recovery
Positive Behavior Interventionist