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  • One pending provisional patent application about Self-Organizing Networks in LTE
  • “Automatic Discovery of Multi-Controllers in Software Defined Networks (SDNs)”, USPTO Application Number: 13/750,038, Filed on: 28.01.2013
  • “Guaranteeing Mobile User Equipment Reattachment to a Mini Base Station under Intermittent IP Network Failures”, USPTO Application Number: 13/969,298, Filed on: 16.08.2013


  • M. Karaman, G. Gur, M. Ergen, and E. Anarim, “Spectrum-Aware Dynamic Frequency Reuse (SADFR) for SON-Based OFDMA HetNets,” submitted to Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), 2014 IEEE, April 2014.

Honors and Awards

  • (09)TURKCELL Academy Master Scholarship (Only 2 Master Students Elected from Bogazici University)
  • (09) TUBITAK Master Scholarship (Only 203 Master Students Elected through TURKEY)
  • (09) Top ranked student in EEE Department
  • (09)Having the maximum GPA in CMPE Department
  • (08-09)Second ranked student of the University
  • (07-08)Top ranked student of the University
  • (06-07)Top ranked student of the University
  • (05-06) Top ranked student of the University
  • (05) 100% Double Major Program Scholarship
  • (05) 100% National University Entrance Examination (OSYM) Scholarship


  • (01.11)"Silver Appreciation 1 Star Award" for accomplishments and contribution to  "Accountability", Nortel Netas Core Values by nomination of Guney GUCER
  • (08.10)"LETTER OF RECOGNITION", Nortel Netas Core Values by nomination of Pelin Corak Nar


  • Turkish (Native)
  • English (Fluent) – (26.07.2013) TOEFL certification : 98
  • German (Beginner)

Trainings and Seminars






• LTE Architecture


• LMSD Step 2 Architecture and Scenarios 

• SIPLogTool Training

• SIP Training

• SIP Injection with SIPP tool Training

• Introduction To PSPSIM

• SST GUI Modification Training

• Sanity Training 

• Trap Debugging and Traffic

• SST Troubleshooting and Debugging Training






• E.164 NUmber Mapping (ENUM)

• Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) Overview

• Software Engineering

• Software Development Process

• PROTEL Programming Language

• Translation

• Basic Telephony

• Succession


• SIP - Session Initiation Protocol

• ISUP - ISDN User Part

• TUP - Telephone User Part 

• CAS - Channel Associated Signaling


• ClearCase


• Clarify





• SPUT tool and SST Upgrade




  • Core Trunking

Gateway Controller (GWC)

  • GWC Development Environment

Session Server Trunk (SST)

  • Dynamic Packet Transport (DPT) Overview
  • SST Application
  • SST Debugging/ Maintenance/ Problem Solving
  • SST Call Processing (CALLP)
  • CS 2000a SST Knowledge Transfer Online Training
  • Wipro KT Traffic Sessions


• ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)

• Packet Media Anchor (PktMA) Call Flows

• Connection Broker (CB) Training

• Lab Introduction

• Patch panel line overviews

• SoftPhone Usage

• Usage of CVOIP Offices and CO Lab Usage ---------------------------------------------------------- ---SEMINARS AND COURSES ATTENDED--- ---------------------------------------------------------- - 2011 The COSMIC Functional Size Measurement Method ( is trained by Jean-    Marc Desharnais who is the Canada representative of COSMIC Internal Advisory Council and Measurement  Practices Comitee.

- 2006-2007 Beginner German I & II (Gothe Institute Teacher)

- 2006 Hacking and Hackering Seminar

- 2007 3D Face Animation Seminar (Tanju ERDEM)

- 2008 Education in the U.S.A (RAJ CHOWDHURY)

- 2008 Co-Op Education Program

- 2009 SABANCI Career Days (selected students from several universities are invited)

  • Career Consultancy: PI(Predictive Index) Personal Inventory Application by HR Experts
  • Your Map on Job: İpek Akyıldız from Adecco Consultancy
  • Narration of Success: Personal Life Couch Aysim Altay


Programming: C, C++, Java EE, C#, MATLAB, Visual Basic, Verilog, MikroC, Assembler, PicBasicPro programming languages, OpenGL libraries and platform


Database: Oracle, PL/SQL

Versioning: ClearCase, GIT

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS



  • Noise Removal in Music Signals by Beamforming Method: (2011) Adaptive Psychoacoustic Filtering, Multichannel Wiener Filtering,Acoustic Zooming, Beamforming is applied to music signals by Overlap-Add Method. Developed in MATLAB.
  • Image Processing by Principal Component Analysis (PCA):(2010) Applying PCA to faces and compress images by low rank approximation after Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) or Eigendecomposition.
  • Maximum Entropy Spectrum (MEM) and Periodogram (Fourier Method) Estimation:(2010) All-pole filter approach, Linear Prediction Model, Linear Regression and Detrending Data.
  • Digit Recognition by Voice Command:(2010) Speech recognition by applying Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) Algorithm to Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC).
  • Optical Character Recognition: (2009) Corrects and recognizes the texts in a noisy image by comparing the correlations with the images on database. Developed in MATLAB.
  • K-Means Clustering (Artificial Int. Learning Method): (2009) Given data of four trees are trained and tested and clustered by using C#.
  • Speech Recognition System: (2009) The program is developed using MATLAB and it recognizes the vowels by the microphone. It uses K-Means Clustering Method.
  • Fundamental Digital and Statistical Signal Processing Issues on MATLAB: (2009) Sampling, Interpolation, Decimation, Convolution, Circular Convolution, Fast – Fourier Transform (FFT), IFFT, DFT, etc.

  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP):(2010) History of SIP, Applications, Request Messages, Message Bodies, Response Messages, Header Fields, Wireless and 3GPP.
  • Bluetooth Technology & Low Power Considerations:(2010) Ultra Low Power Bluetooth Technology and its Power Management, Security and Communication issues are conducted.
  • Viterbi Decoding in partial CPM:(2010) This study have been conducted to analyze the performance of VA (Viterbi Algorithm) using correlation metrics in partial response CPM Systems under Additive White Gaussian Noise.
  • IEEE802.11n MIMO WIRELESS NETWORK IMPLEMENTATION:(2009) A simulation developed in MATLAB to obtain the efficiency OFDM MIMO techniques in multipath Rayleigh fading channels, as my Graduation Project (Design Project).


  • Publication Delivery System: (2008) It is chosen as the Sample Project for the course. Specification is available at website of the course Software Engineering II.
  • Customer Record and Pursuit Program: (2007) developed with C# and has been sold commercially.
  • Cinema Reservation System: (2007) C# (2006) Visual Basic
  • Library System: (2007) C#


  • Analogue Measurement and LCD visualization: (2008) with PIC. MikroC language
  • FM Transmitter Circuit: (2007)
  • Flasher Circuit: (2007)
  • Sliding with Seven Segment Display: (2006) with FPGA chip. Verilog language


Sep 2013Present


Koc University

100% ScholarshipAdvisor: Asst. Prof. Sinem Çöleri Ergen

Sep 2009Sep 2012


Bogazici University (Bosphorus Uni.)

Accepted by Communications and Signal Processing Program, Exempted from Prep. ClassThesis Title : SPECTRUM AWARE SELF-ORGANIZING NETWORKING IN OFDMA/LTE

HETEROGENEOUS NETWORKSThesis Supervisors : Prof. Emin Anarım, Ph.D Mustafa Ergen  

Sep 2006Jun 2009


Bahcesehir University

#1 grad.,(Graduated as having the maximum GPA in this department) (GPA:3.86/4)

Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Research Engineer

ARGELA Technologies

  • Prototyping and following new technologies such as LTE (LTE Small cell) and SDN
  • Participating and representing the company in international conferences and events
  • Managing and leading SON project for UMTS Small cells in collaboration with the universities
  • Contributing to FP-7, Europian Union Projects and University Collaborations
  • Researching LTE, SON, SDN, and other new technologies and publishing patents, articles and whitepapers

Hands-on Experience

  • MATLAB, C, C++, C#, Python, Shell Scripting
  • Linux, Embedded Systems
  • Documantation including patent applications, artciles, whitepapers and conference presentations
Feb 2011Sep 2012

Software Engineer

ARGELA Technologies

Femto Research and Technologies

  • Developing 3GPP compliant UMTS Iuh based FAP (Femto Access Point) product. (Residential Femto, Enterprise Femto, Home gateway (DSL+Femto+WiFi), Outdoor Femto)
  • Implementing Iuh protocol stack software 
  • Developing HNB (Home NodeB) software and features on RRM
  • Unit Testing and Non-functional Testing
  • Research and implementation of 3GGP specs

Hands-on Experience

  • C, C++
  • Linux, Embedded Systems
  • Shell Scripting
  • Python
  • Android Mobile Programming
Dec 2009Feb 2011

Software Design and Telecommunications Engineer

NORTEL Networks NETAS Telecommunications

SST (Session Server Trunking) / NGSS (Next Generation Session Server) / MGCF (Media Gateway Controlling Function) Technologies and Trunking Solutions (MGCF functionality of IMS, is implemented on SST product for interworking between IMS and PSTN networks with protocol conversion between SIP and ISUP).


New Feature Development/ Pre-source Activity

  • Plan, maintain and commit to a delivery plan with design manager.
  • Research, understand and address customer needs.
  • Deliver feature software and documentation according to committed schedule.
  • Deliver the fix according the design fix submit process.
  • Provide design support during PV cycle.
  • Provide detailed reviewing, feedback and approval for customer documentation.
  • Provide weekly status details on delivery plan to the design manager.


  • Manage owned CRs (Change Requests).
  • Handle queries coming from the groups that have interaction with OCS/MGCF/SST Solutions.



  • PSPSIM Tool Primeship
  • Quality Primeship of SST Application Team

Hands-on Experience

  • C, C++, Java, JSP, SQL, WSDL, WSDD , Protel
  • Unix, Embedded Systems, Scripting
  • Networking
Jun 2006Sep 2009

Student Assistant

Bahcesehir University

2008-2009 Introduction to Mechatronics Lab. (Haydar Şahin)

  • As the head assistant of the lab, Designing Boolean Functions with Logic Gates, Sensors used in Control Engineering, Step Motors

2008-2009 Linear Algebra with MATLAB (Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ünal)

  • Matrices and operations with matrices, Determinants, Vectors in 3-space, Euclidian vector spaces, General Vector spaces, Inner Product Space, Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, linear transformations

2007-2008 Object Oriented Programming with C++ (Pınar Sarısaray)

  • Object – Oriented Programming with Visual C++, Console Applications

2007-2008 Software Lab 2 (Pınar Sarısaray)

  • Fundamentals of Visual C# programming language and GUI Design, Console Applications, Windows Applications, User Controls

2007-2008Software Lab. 1 (Pınar Sarısaray)

  • Object – Oriented Programming with C++ (detailed), Console Applications

2006-2007Digital Design Lab. (Asst. Prof. Dr. H. Fatih Uğurdağ)

  • FPGA Chip Design with Xilinx program on Spartan Board, Verilog programming language
I’ m a Private Tutor since 2005; I teach Fundamental Sciences of Engineering, Telecommunication, Software and Programming, and any Mathematical based course to university students.


Jul 2013Present