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Melany Roman-Martinez

Objective: I am seeking a job that will accent my skills and will challenge my abilities and push me to do accomplish any task. 

Work experience


Jun 2015Sep 2015


Sunrise Lenexa Assisted Living

I helped elderly residents at Sunrise be comfortable and assist them in any way. I spent most of my time on the reminiscence floor.


Quindaro Elementary

Was put into the quest program in second grade and graduated with many awards for acedemic performance. Recieved 4 presidential awards. 

Aug 2012May 2016

Gpa: 3.5

Eisenhower Middle School

Made my three years here. I was in the Talented and Gifted Program. 



I am talented in sports and what i use in any sport, I apply in everyday life. Sportsmanship,hard work ,ambition ,and perseverance would be an examples of skills that i apply to myself. 


I would like to think that I very intelligent and skilled in math and academics overall.