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To teach Reiki to young people and adults and serve the stress relief, relaxation spiritual and personal growth, mindfulness and self-awareness needs of individuals in the greater Toledo-area and globally through distance energy work.


As a New York State-licensed massage therapist, and CCT-certified Crystalline Consciousness Technique Energy Master Practitioner, as well as an ABMP-certified bodywork therapist, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Ki Reiki Master versed in many body-centered and distance energy modalities, I enjoy sharing my passion for complementary, alternative and integrative health and spiritual processes to help individuals in their journey to well-being. I love to help clients and students of Reiki discover new and powerful options for maintaining balance, relieving stress, and reframing perspectives.

In private practice since 1994, my work in northwest Ohio is similar to physical therapy in that clients remain clothed and lie on a massage table. There the similarities end, as clients engage in healing and personal growth processes that are self-directed with Reiki, bodywork and energy balancing tools to guide them.


Writing, film, dance, theater, pottery, digital art, nature/faerie realms, Hawaiian healing (DMT like EFT), metaphysical and energy sciences.

Work experience


Bodywork Therapist

independent contractor, self-employed

Reiki Master Teacher and independent contractor who works by appointment only - out of home residence in Bowling Green and professional office at The Center at Alternative Physical Therapy in Toledo. Stress-relief, relaxation, self-improvement, personal and spiritual growth, chakra clearing and balancing plus CCT Soul Charts for individuals and businesses.

I specialize in something I call performance or dance analysis, as well, where I work with dancers who contact me to improve greater range of motion and expressiveness. Since I am a former creative arts teacher and pre-school through adult ballet teacher, I have some expertise working with children who are anxious, troubled, or seem to be having problems coping. In this, I use a child's interests and imagination, as well as the arts and nature.

Continuing Education and pre-massage training in:

  • Rosen Method Bodywork & Movement (alternative physical therapy-like meditation in relationship)
  • Laban Effort-Shape
  • Authentic Movement
  • Creative Movement for Children (Laban-based)
  • Katsugen (movement meditation)
  • Dance Massage (with background as a ballet dancer who studied ballet pedagogy)
  • Advanced Massage
  • All levels, Crystalline Consciousness Technique
  • Usui, Karuna Ki, Creation, Fairy Nature Realms & Faery Reiki/Avalon Energy Reiki Master

Ongoing private and small group Usui Reiki classes for adults

  • Fairy Reiki classes for children & adults
Apr 2007Dec 2008

Bodywork Therapist

Kneading Time Holistic Center

Developed a lunch time and evening walk in service. Participated in monthly healing shares to educate the community and offer services to those who could not afford regular fees.


LMT, Rosen & Usui Reiki practitioner

Private clients in New York City

Professional clients. 



Monica's Wellness Salon

Massage therapist for wellness center and salon that offered a variety of wellness services and took in walk ins as well as repeat clientele.



Licensed Massage Therapist

Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences

Studies in:

  • anatomy and physiology
  • shiatsu
  • Swedish massage
  • medical massage
  • clinical practice

Continuing education courses in:

  • advanced neck work
  • Thai massage
  • dance massage

no degree offered

Rosen Center East

Week-long intensives several times a year. Monthly experiential gatherings with Rosen teacher in New York City. Also studied with founder and physical therapist Marion Rosen on two occasions, one an introduction to Rosen Method at Omega Institute and the other an anatomy of movement workshop.


Graduate studies

New York University

Studied modern dance, ballet, choreography, dance criticism and other creative arts processes.

Performed with NYU Performing Dancers.


Bachelor of Liberal Studies

Bachelor's degree. Multi-art focus. English, creative writing and psychology. Interest in multi-media theatrical entertainment.

There was a break in my studies while I danced, taught and performed with a professional dance company in Connecticut.


NYS Licensed Massage Therapist

State of New York

CCT Energy Master

CCT thru Gia Combs-Ramirez

Bodywork Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals