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Work experience

Sep 2007Jun 2008

Restaurant and kitchen

City of Sunderland Hylton College


In the kitchen my  duties were opening the kitchen, pealing and cutting vegetables, preparing, cooking and plating food. cleaning and closing the kitchen, filling in all the documentation including temperature of fridges and freezers, core temperature and accident report forms.


In the restaurant my duties were opening and setting up the restaurant, going over the menu so we new what was on, seting up the silver servic. During opening times my duties were either on silver service or waiting table which included taking orders, passing them to the chef, taking meals from the kitchen to the tables, clearing tables, taking the bill, recieving the money and the bill, re set the table for the next customers. At the closing time my duties were clearing tables, sanitise tables, puting away all silver service epuiqment, puting away all cultery, cups, sauces, accomplements and comdiments

Sep 2006Sep 2006

Kitchen Assistant

The Sandpiper

For this Work experence i went to a local pub for two weeks. My jobs included setting up the kitchen to open. Preparing, cooking and plating up different dishes.and closing down the kitchen at the end of the day.


Aug 2009



Basic First Aid                                            PASS

Basic Health and Safety                          PASS

Sep 2007Jul 2008


Hylton Skills Campus

On this course the training we did was. Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering.

In this course we had to;

food processing and cooking

Cook and finish basic meat dishes, cook and finish basic poultry dishes,prepare, cook and finish basic sauces prepare, cook and finish basic bread and dough products, prepare, cook and finish basic pastry products, complete kitchen documention, set up and close kitchen, give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organiseation, maintain food safetywhen storing, preparing and cooking food, maintain a safe, hygienic and secure working environment, contribute to effective teamwork, provide a counter/takeaway service.

Food and Drink Serive

Prepare and clear areas for table service, serve food at the table, provide silver service, give customers a positive impressionof yourself and your orginisation, maintain food safety when storing, holding and serving food, maintain a safe hygienic and secure working environment, contribute effective team work, provide a counter/takeaway service.

Jul 2007


Biddick School Sports College

Pratice Interview                                                                  PASS

Adult Numeracy LV2                                                            PASS

Art and Design                                                                    C

Mathematics                                                                        C

English                                                                                  D

Statistics                                                                              D

Science                                                                                E

Humanities                                                                          F

Aplied Science                                                                    EE

Information and Communication Technolgy                C

Home Economics                                                              D

Leisure and Tourism                                                        F

Leisure and Tourism                                                        F

Mar 2005

1st Fatfield Guides

Baden Powell award                                                Pass


I am awaiting to hear if I have passed my leadership with 1st Fatfield Guides. To achieve this I have had to work for a year and  a half with 18-20 guides from ages 11-23. During this time  I organised trips, information for parents about the unit activities in and outside of the centre. Ive also helped out with  accounts to accept and pay for badges and trips. 





I am reliable, organised, trust worthy and hard working person. I have 4 grade Cs . I always have a smile on my face and enjoy working with people. 

I am hoping to achieve my goal of becoming counsellor /mentor for young people. I am about to start the VTalent Program which will involve volunteering 30 hours a week in City of Sunderland College. I will be based in Learning Support mentoring students.


I  am a full time mother, to my little girl Leah Rose Lovell in my spare time i like reading true storys like P.S I Love You, lovely bones.I enjoy spending time with me new extended family and friends. I am interested in helping young people complete their goals and achievements.