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Scetion 1

776 Singing Heights Drive 

Home Phone: (619) 444-3732

Cell Phone: (619) 929-4406

Email: [email protected]



Valhalla High school

My class rank is 147th and I have a 3.0 overall GPA, and I recently took my SAT so I have not received my scores. 


Valhalla High School

AP Literature 

AP Government  and Economics

AP Environmental





Pre-AP World HIstory


Art 1/2

English Hum 11 H

Geometry Honors 



Valhalla High School

AP World HIstory



Honors Hum II


Spanish 1/2


Valhalla High School

AP language and Composition 


Spanish 3/4

Physiology  and Anatomy 

AP US History

Algebra II 


I am the type of person who takes pride in helping others, I am kind responsible and outgoing. In the next four years I hope to have graduated college, have gotten a part time job, and made it into the university I want to go to, however if that does not work out then I would like to take the Cuyamaca route and then transfer to University. Three colleges that I would like to attend are SDSU, Point Loma, and hopefully UCSD.  The degree I hope to pursue is undecided because I have not found something that I am very passionate about. However I have found that I am very interested in history, but at the same time I really enjoy science and medical stuff.


Quote: " Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." -Dr. Seuss

Extra-Curricular Activities

At my school I have played Varsity Basketball for almost 3 years, and have also joined the tennis team, as well as the track team. Outside of school I have been committed to my club soccer team. Also at school I am a part of the Link Crew leadership program which is so great because we get together and help out freshman, and it just makes the campus a much more friendly place to be.

Interests and Community Service

In the community I have volunteered at a daycare for a good year, and it has been so great helping and influencing  the little children. Also I have helped around with my local church as a way to give back for their services.

I enjoy trying new foods, and just trying new things in general, also I love nature and animals. I also enjoy sports, because it takes up most of my time and Its just so great being part of a team/family.