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Melanie A Pete

Supervisor at jacksonville International Airport

Culinary Background



Hms Host

My responsibility as a supervisor are to provide customers service. Assign employees to specific duties. Direct and supervise employees. Enforce safety, health, and security rules. Assist on the hire, and training process, and evaluate personnel. Keep records of temperatures and inspections. opening or closing outlets in the airport. Ensuring the staff is in proper uniform. Filling out temperature logs in a timely manner. Keeping the store in a clean, organized condition. Keeping inventory and completing weekly truck orders, handling call outs and nightly ordering. Assisting in invoices as well as some scheduling. Keeping a productive and positive atmosphere as well as ensuring proper rotation is being followed stores aand ready for health and nsf inspections. Monthly store and safety audits are completed and booked. Knowledge of labor pro, micros, and my inventory. Knowledge of menu and changes, location, and food distribution representatives.



Mudville Grille

Clean tables and counters, provide customers service, collect payments from customer while using a running bank. Garnish dishes, preform food preparation duties. Prepare tables for meals  Serve food or beverages to patrons in a timely manner. Recognize customer intoxication. Replenish supplies of food, tableware. Use of a micros system. resolve customer complaints. Use oral and written communication skills. Bus tables in a timely manner, making sure side work is coompleted.



Glenmeadow Retirement Community

Collect payment from customers.Provide customer service. Take orders from patrons. Serve food and beverages. Prepare checks, make recommendations for meals. Knowledge of full nightly menu. Setting tables for high end dinning, knowledge of patrons dietary needs, prep work, use of Micros, dishwashing, breaking down and resetting after brunch or special events.Delivering food to residents rooms.


FOH management

Cotes Family Restaurant

Operate food preparation equipment. Prepare appetizers, salads, and cold dishes. Provide customers service. Stock or organize goods. Wash dishes, glassware, or related utensils. Distribute food to servers Serve food and beverages to customers. calculate monetary exchanges. Clean work areas, and resolve customer complaints. Follow recipes, prep work, dishwasher, cashier, use running bank, waitress, cook, handle go orders, scheduling, book keeping,truck orders, purchasing supplies, assisting in catering events, opening the store,keeping the store up to health inspections standards, closing the store at the end of the day.





General  education, GED


Michael Cote


Tammy Jenkins


Mathew Schools


Tess M.



Fine Dining

Banquet Service

Creative Menu Development


Price Structuring 

Special Event Planning

Safety & Sanitation

Quality Control

Profit Enhancement

Inventory & Purchasing

Guest Relations