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Work experience

Sep 2008Present

PhD Studnet

Ryerson University
Jan 1993Aug 2008


Almergib University

Almergib University is the third bigest universities in Libya, I was  a teaching staff in Electrical and computer Department, which consistsof five subdepartments (Communiction, Computer, power, Control and Mechaeletronics). I was an active  member in the first and second Deprt.

From March  2006 to August , 2008 I worked as a University Lecturer in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. During this period I taught a number of courses in the Electrical Communication Section of the department including the following courses:

  • EC 360 Communication Engineering I
  • EC 340 Electromagnetic I
  • EC 200 Fundamentals of Circuit theories
  • GS 204 Mathematics IV (Differential Equations)
  • On September 01, 2008 I was sent overseas to study after I had obtained a scholarship from the university for 5 years to conduct a graduate study towards the PhD degree.
  • I also supervised a BSc degree graduation project and participated in various laboratory and research activities as well as student academic supervisory and administrative duties.
  • I published many conference papers in the area of 3G mobile networks and wireless Communications.
Oct 1996Dec 2007

Signalling and Communication

Libyan Railway Company

The Railway project is under desinand construction, I was working in the Engineering Mangment under the Signalling and Communication, where the specifications have to be assigned, and reviewing of the contracts which are proposed by several companies.

I had a lot of contributions to make the first backbone of this project.

I took alot of computer programming courses during my work with this board.

I was sent to UK for training.


Sep 2009Present


Ryerson University
Feb 2003May 2006

Master of Scinces

Al-Fateh University

Al-Fateh University is the biggest university in LIBYA, It has along relative academic history.

My Thesis was in Wireless Telecommunication mobile systems, specifically in 3G mobile network planning


I have a quit experience and practice in computer programing languages, examples are: Visual Basic 6 Visual Basic.Net with SQL server Data base Fortran 90 Front page for WebSites desgin Matlab I made some prgramming applications which are still working in my home country  
Design and evaluation mobile networks
I have worked in planning of 3G Networks with WCDMA air interface. I develop a new paramter which may helps in Capacity and Coversge planning phases of mobile networks,  


Recent Publications

  • Mohamed Elalem, A.S. Akki  “Uplink Capacity Coverage Product in CDMA mobile networks”, WOC (Wireless & Optical Communications 2008), Quebec City, May 2008 Canada.
  • Mohamed Elalem,A.S. Akki  "Capacity Coverage Product in CDMA mobile networks for planning and evaluations", The National Conference for Information Technology & Communication  Libya/ Tripoli May 2008.
  • Mohamed Elalem, A.S. Akki  "Effect of non-uniform user distribution on Capacity and coverage for  CDMA mobile network The National Conference for Information Technology & Communication  Libya/ Tripoli May 2008.
  • Mohamed Elalem, Lian Zhao "Realistic user distribution and its impact on Capacity and coverage For a WCDMA mobile network" IEEE Sarnoff, May, 2009, NJ, USA.
  • Mohamed Elalem, Lian Zhao “Interference Mitigation Using Power Control in Cognitive Radio Networks”,  2010 IEEE Vehicular Technology conference: VTC2010- May 2010, Taiwan. (Submitted).


My Interests:

  • Cognitive Radio networks (power control  and spectrum sensning)
  • 3G mobile systems and Capacity and Coverage planning.
  • Solar Energy and Photovolatic systems
  • Digital Communication systems
  • Electromagnetic theories.
  • Mathematics and Numerical methods