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Technical and business oriented Salesforce Administrator-Developer focused on usability, efficiency, and increased revenue. I have worked with orgs ranging from 5-1500 users with every edition, dedicated to finding a better, faster, smarter solution to help users do what they do best, easily, raising adoption & data quality while increasing revenue.  An efficient process is the foundation of every org, and my ground zero.  Once there is a process in place, security, automation and analytics are built around it.   

I am advocate for change management and governance in every org. Not only for increased adoption, but to ensure the right decisions are made at the right time.  Salesforce shouldn’t be hard. With transparency and regular communication, the right decisions can be made to keep it simple, and have users want to use salesforce from all levels.

Work experience

Feb 2009Present


Consultant at Multiple (6 years 8 months) Create and administer training programs for companies based on their instance of Salesforce Setup and configure customizations including fields, custom objects, reports, and dashboards to help companies optimize their use of time Review business process with companies to verify process is fully mapped out Install applications and work with developers to create the most simplistic and automated process possible Connect to company websites for increased automation Develop workflow rules and validation rules to keep data clean Clean data so that companies can save money and have a fresh slate when preventative measure are set up 3 recommendations available upon request
Aug 2014Jun 2015

Systems Administrator


Systems Administrator at (11 months) Administration for 150 users worldwide on Salesforce Unlimited Edition org and sandboxes ProjectManager for implementations across departments with lead configuration and customization role, implementations include an Internal User Help Site, Enterprise Territory Management, a Named Account Model, Collaborative Forecasting, and the introduction of Products & Price Books Prioritize projects and their urgencytorelease features and functionality based on increasing user adoption and automation while decreasing deal time to increase revenue K2 Maintain an Enterprise Data Strategy using Salesforce best practices and Event Monitoring, that includes rules regarding data access, imports and exports, setting standards to increase data quality and integrity Increase cross-departmental teamwork by developing the Salesforce platform to enable stronger ties between teams by using collaborative problem-solving and increasing the transparency of usage and projects Implement a global Center of Excellence, the K2' s Governance Board, to guide, direct, and control salesforce with a unified strategy worldwide Elected the Subject Matter Expert Salesforce globally on the Governance Board, providing architectural and business impacts for implementations with guidance on project prioritization and timelines based in urgency, current workload, and availability of Executive Sponsorship Design & Implement a Change Management Policy and Security Policy to increase adoption, simplify use, and protect company data Create and administer integration between and K2 blackpearl to automate workflow both by end users and behind the scenes, decreasing time, and increasing revenue 2 recommendations available upon request

Oct 2013Feb 2014

Support Specialist

  • Implementation of the Zuora billing system for the Mortgage and Rentals departments,
  • Discovery and systematic processing of over 1,000 points of existing revenue discovered that were not being billed 
  • Redesign of sales processes to capitalize on exiting Salesforce functionality removing the  need for additional applications, simplifying the process and increasing revenue
  • Creation of custom objects to increase data quality and easily give accurate numbers for revenue per event 
  • Increase efficiency for sales teams by customizing page layouts, record types, and workflow rules 
  • Performed data analysis regarding usage for storage and clean up plan, while developing an ongoing process to maintain the storage level, and avoid an additional $100,000 storage space purchase to keep data until the end of 2014 
  • Created report links for the Sales Team members to have better view of their data, while keeping data and report access to a minimum for SOX compliance 
  • Review of security on Objects and per Profile, to determine levels of access that are unnecessary and protect customer data 
  • Implemented a pivot table with formulas spreadsheet to automate commission calculations so manual monthly analysis was no longer necessary 
  • Developed Reports and Dashboard for Sales and Customer Service teams to give simplified, more accurate access to data
Oct 2012Mar 2013

Salesforce System Administrator

Expedia via AltaSource Group
  • First line of defense for a Service Cloud org of over 1,000 users 
  • Management of Email Template for numerous departments in 26 languages 
  • Worked with the GSO departments to redesign Salesforce use for increased efficiency 
  • Developed workflow rules to automate Case priority based on the Type, Case Reason, and Age 
  • Redesigned List Views for users to better manage Cases for increased productivity 
  • Created Validation Rules to increase data quality 
  • Support and development of organization wide email addresses 
  • Use of Email Services to automate Case creation 
  • Modification and creation of fields for proper information for Reporting and Data Quality 
  • Merge accounts to make sure the integration with another Salesforce org properly syncs
Mar 2011Oct 2012

Sales Operations Administrator

DocuSign, Inc
Sales Operations Administrator at. (1 year 8 months) Create and Administer training on Salesforce and installed application Configure New Users in Salesforce and related applications Work with Engineering on the implementation of Zuora Billing System Maintain Salesforce for Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Customer Service Analyze data for Sales Targets focusing on division of companies for best sales prospects in the Corporate Sales and Enterprise Sales teams Implement Assignment rules and Round Robin distribution of Leads across the Sales Teams based on vertical and territory requirements Work with developers to create a partner portal where DocuSign's partners could enter Leads for the Sales Teams Develop documents for the sales teams within DocuSign and Drawloop for additional automation Installation and support of One Source, Eloqua, Jigsaw, Hoovers, and Zuora Provide one on one support for Sales team members to assist them in getting the most out of Salesforce Reduce the number of required and available fields on page layouts to keep data clean and the Sales team from having outdated requirements Distributed the Book of Business for the Account Page3 Management team as new users were hired and as the company developed territories Design workflow rules, validation rules for accurate data and automation of the Sales Process Implement a Sales Methodology Object to assist the Enterprise team in the development of Opportunities 6 recommendations available upon request
Mar 2009Mar 2011

Salesforce Administrator

CSS Corp
  • Re-design though customization and applications of, including the implementation of Solutions and Leads
  • Training of globally for the Sales and Marketing Teams
  • Design of a standardized Sales Process document to be used by all team members in each service line as well as division based on Sales and Marketing preference and requirements
  • Create reports and dashboards for each geography within service lines based on necessary data analytics
  • Auditing for data quality and training for users to increase quality usage at least once per week leading to 100% of all required data included in
  • Accounts created since Implement new marketing tools such as and discoverorg
  • Research new applications and the benefits of each for each of the teams along with ease of use regarding and Sales
  • Administrator for over 100 users
Jun 2008Jan 2009

Customer Success Manager - Contract

  • Top CSM for Salt Lake City location with over 200% to goal production
  • Responsible for working with current customers in an attempt to assist them with better use of the application
  • Develop success plans for customers that outline their critical success factors, metrics for success, potential issues and provide recommendations to assist with issues
  • Collaborate with C-Level Executives, Account Executives and Premier Support Representatives
  • Proactively support relationships with customers and partners
  • Derive CRM best practices that help drive customer adoption of services
  • Gather and create bestpractices for implementing and using through content, conversations and presentations
  • Participate in all appropriate product, sales and procedural training to acquire and maintain the knowledge necessary to be effective in the position
  • Employee of the Month and member of the Performers League, which includes the top employees for the year
Oct 2003Jan 2006

Telemarketing Lead

Time Warner Cable
  • Top customer sales representative though outbound calling, which led to a promotion to Telemarketing Lead
  • Achieved 123% of sales budget to goal, 92% for the year though one-on-one coaching and sales training
  • Decreased order entry error rate by 14% by implementing modified commission structure relative to error rate
  • Created monthly competitive analysis for division
  • Developed tracking process for various projects in Microsoft Excel & Access
  • Led product and sales training for all new Telemarketing Representatives
  • Worked closely with other departments to resolve issues
  • Assisted Sales Representatives with escalated customer issues
  • Utilized AS400 and ICOMS Billing Systems




University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Marquette University

University of Chicago


Reports & Dashboards
Validation Rules
Business Process Design
Project Management
Apex Classes/Triggers
Workflow/Flow/Process Builder


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