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20152019 (Expected)

Btech In Computer Science Engineering : 7.32 CGPA

The LNM Institute of Information Technology

CBSE Higher Secondary Certificate Examination : 93 %

Army Public School, Roorkee

CBSE All India Secondary School Certificate Examination : 10 C.G.P.A

Army Public School, Roorkee

Work experience

October - 2016November - 2016


Google : Applied CS With Android

Mentored 30 students in a applied computer science course with Android designed by Google where first year undergraduates learned to develop Android apps and solve problems using Data structures & Algorithms.

August - 2016Present

Technical Lead

Training & Placement Cell

Managed the website for the institute's Training & Placement Cell and also contributed in development of the Institute's portal for management of the Placement activities in the Institute.


Messenger Bot & Alexa Skill

Amazon Alexa

Created a messenger bot & Alexa skill under the name Mehul's Girlfriend to help keep me updated on my class timings and mess menu. It is powered by Amazon Lex and the code runs on Amazon Lambda. Constantly adding more features to the bot to enable it as a fully personalized assistant.

Text Editor : Using advanced data structures

Data Structures & Algorithms

Created a text editor in Java using JavaFx for GUI and used advanced data structures to implement features like Search, Replace, Spell Checker and also features like Distance between words and word games to be played while working.


Designing Assembler and Machine Simulator in C Programming Language

Computer Organization and Architecture

Made Assembler & Machine code simulator in which Assembler converts set of instructions into binary code and Machine Code Simulator converts the binary code into machine executable form and carrying out instructions. All instructions were designed for a Smart Car Interface that accepted Speech commands using CMUSphinx Library.


  • General : Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Algorithms, Databases, Alexa Skill Kit, Amazon Lex, Amazon Lambda
  • Database : MySQL, DB2
  • Languages : JAVA, C, Java Server Pages, C++, HTML5, CSS
  • Tools : Bash Scripting, Java Debugger  

MOOCs Completed

  • Applied CS With Android - Google
  • Android Basics Nanodegree by Google - Udacity
  • Data Structures & Algorthms in Java - UC, San Diego, California
  • Algorithmic Toolbox with Java - UC, San Diego, California