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Computer System Architectures


I specialized in design & development of VLSI/ASIC/SOC systems for laptop/mobile spaces. Some of my skills are HDL coding, synthesis, layout, logic design and verification, writing test benches,schematic capture, performance modelling, circuit design & simulation, power optimization, testing and analysis of results. I'm especially interested in dynamic and experienced research groups and design teams exploring cutting edge technologies. I'm proficient in several major programming languages (C, C++, Java), circuit simulators(HSPICE, Cadence) and unix/linux systems.


Multiprocessors, CMOS Sensors, Microcontrollers, Multiplexers, SRAMS/DRAMS, VLIWs, Switches, Advanced Products, Cellular ICs, Ultra Wide Band, 3D Integration, Game Processors, Power Aware Sytems, Digital Tranceivers, Parallel Computing.


Arif Nacaroglu

Anders Flodstrom

Hannu Tenhunen


Work experience


Best Trafo

Worked at Engineering Department whose responsibility is to assume each transformer as unique and make designs according to the individual factors such as voltage, power, climate, system topology, sound level and many more. Engineering Department picks up these requirements converting them into convincing designs with maximum safety by taking into account cost without ruling out customer requirements. Some of the responsibilites could be summarized as Interpreting customer specifications, making the electrical design calculations - Core type, dimensions determination and calculation of thermal heating and voltage of core, Insulation level, winding type, copper type, copper dimensions determination, Winding heating calculation, Impedance calculation, Short circuit endurance calculation, Impulse test endurance check - Selection of bushing, tap changer and to place the order of critical materials like bushing, tap changer and copper, Selection of monitoring device as per customer request and to place order. Thereafter followed tests tosee if the specifications meet customer demands.

Aug 2001Apr 2002

Diploma Worker

Acreo AB

By the time I was worked at Acreo AB, Imaging Department which then later turned to be a spin off and named Infrared Nova. The company develops and supplies high quality, high performance infrared detectors and related components to infrared module, camera and system manufacturers all over the world.  The current focus is on Long Wave detectors based on QWIP (Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors) though research and development is also ongoing for new technologies to enable IRnova to stay in the forefront of the market. In addition to infrared detector technology, IRnova uses its skilled development and production competence and capability for products also targeting other application areas. These products are often developed in close collaboration with customers. As a plan of trying to establish business & know-how in visible light sensors, we started to investigate this technology and developed a circuit. Today in general, there are 2 major technics for imaging. One is CCD (Charge coupled device) and the other is CMOS, where the latter is expected to replace the CCD technik in future time. To show this a CMOS sensor has been designed. The sensor is to be used in an optical correlator to detect the correlation peak. In its most basic form it has on command from an external clock to take an image, decide where the highest value is and report the coordinates and the digital value (8 bits) of the peak.  I was responsible from  designing the winner-takes-all circuit using 0.6 um CMOS technology and investigating the working of the circuit through simulations.  I did characterization of photodiodes as well.


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