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If asked, what was my favorite 90's memory, I would certainly answer "Playing on a NeoGeo, with the Cranberries music on the background" and most certainly "the noise my 56k modem used to make, while trying to establish an internet connection."
And thus came, my passion for the Web : Surfing, Understanding, developing initial HTML pages. Submitting them into Altavista! Gathering friends through an IRC channel, after creating the IRCD server through a shell account.

Till today, the passion did not fade away, but it became.. Profession!

Multipurpose with a focus, that's the keyphrase here. Allowing myself to perfectly understand and specialize in the different areas of Digital Marketing, hence my innovative perk.

What would be the next Digital trend? I might have an idea, I might be wrong. But I sure know that It won't limit me from handling it.

Work experience

Oct 2015Present

Digital Makreting Manager


Currently leading the Digital Marketing and Digital Performance teams at Osereso. Focusing mainly on :

  • Crafting tailored digital strategies 
  • Planning and monitoring the execution of all digital marketing campaigns, through every canal (SEO/SEA, Social Media, emailing, Mobile, affiliation, online advertising)
  • Designing Strategic frameworks, based on Inbound Methodology, enabling wider acquisition, longer better conversion and longer retention
  • Identifying and executing trending lead generation tactics
  • ROI & KPI goals assessment through performance measurement
  • Optimizing and synchronizing Data & metrics Analysis 
  • Planning and measuring experiments, conversions & A/B tests
  • Instrumenting conversion user funnels, optimizing conversion points
  • Collaborating with internal teams to set up actionable User Experience optimizations 
  • Growth strategies: Brainstorming new and creative Growth Hacking tactics 
  • Identifying partnership opportunities with agencies and vendors and evaluating emerging technologies

Oct 2014Sep 2015

Search Marketing Manager


Currently acting as the Search Marketing Dept. Manager.

  • Developing the Search Dept.
  • Managing and overseeing the working process of both Search teams, SEO and SEA.
  • Creating Search Strategies frameworks
  • Creating various SEO Audits frameworks : Technical, Semantic, Site's performances
  • Setting Objectives and ROI metrics for SEA Campaigns
  • Managing and Tracking SEA campaigns

Furthermore, I am carying out additional functions that I deem mandatory for the success of our implemented Digital strategies :

  • Devising strategies to drive online traffic to the company website.
  • Tracking conversion rates and measuring improvements potential.
  • Enlargening of the range of paid search, SEO and PPC techniques 
  • Driving Synergy from the social media strategy.
  • Online branding measurements, analysis and implementation into Search Strategies.
  • Overseeing the improvements of usability, design, content and conversion
  • Evaluating customer research, market conditions and competitor data.
  • Reviewing new technologies and keeping the agency forefront of developments in digital marketing.
Oct 2014Present

Senior Trainer

OSERESO Formation

OSERESO Formation is a professional training structure. Based on Paris, Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Bordeaux and recently Tunis. Providing professional training mainly in Web Marketing, Digital Transitions, Search and Social Marketing.

As a trainer, I currently carry out multiple training sessions, mostly in SEO, SEA, Web Analytics and Social Media Marketing.

Aug 2012Oct 2014

Seo Projects Manager

Access to e-Business

As both a Web Analyst and SEO Projects Manager, I had the mission of Managing major SEO Accounts. Providing technical auditing for more than 40 SEO account and building up a Globally, re-defined SEO strategy among the highly esteemed SEO Team of Access to e-Business, historically being the first SEO agency nationwide.

  • Innovating the Auditing process and implementing new SEO Audits : Technical on-site audit, Netlinking Analysis, Semantic research and audit, Performance audit.
  • Managing major SEO projects, setting up the search strategy and overseeing its implementation
  • Fructifying the synergy of SMO and online reputation nurturing
  • Advanced analytical reporting
  • Performance tracking
Jan 2011Jun 2012

SR. Technical SEO Consultant


As a Senior  Technical SEO Consultant I had the multiple tasks of :

  • Setting up an SEO periodic strategy
  • Auditing Websites, Technically and semantically
  • Setting up a qualified Netlinking plan and executing it
  • Operating on Vertical and local SEO
  • Python programming optimization for SEO
  • Analyzing Website traffic and issuing recommendations regarding targeting, re-marketing and segmentation of the audience. (Advanced Google Analytics Tracking and reporting)
  • Working around multiple technical issues and blocking factors
  • Building up an automated auditing internal tool using Python
  • Reinventing trending Search Optimization and analysis techniques
Dec 2010Jan 2011

Video Games Developer

DigitalMania Studio

This was my shortest, yet my funniest and most entertaining experience so far.
My Mission was set around the objective of developing a Casual Game,Celebrating the Tunisian Revolution, powered by the Unity 3D engine:

  • Unity 3D scripting
  • Game Concept
  • Level Design
  • A/I Enhancement
Sep 2009Oct 2010

Marketing Manager

WINHOUSE Tunisia (a FIRAT PLASTIK franchise)

Main tasks:

  • Marketing plan and branding objectives.
  • Analyzing market trends and altering business development strategies based on analysis and feedback.
  • Creation and delivery of press releases, advertisements, and other marketing materials.
  • Print ads and publication design.
  • Brand message consistency
  • Analyzing customer insight.
  • Engaging with consumers on social media.
  • Content generation and production across multi-media platforms.
  • Operating and configuring CRM alongside CRM usage training sessions for the various teams
  • Elaboration and execution of Online Marketing Strategies to ensure successful targeting of foreign and remote markets outside Tunisia
Aug 2008Jun 2009

Digital Content Marketer

Access to e-Business
  •  Specialized Content creation 
  •  Blogging and Web Mastering
  •  E-Learning Content production
  •  Video Content creation and optimization


Game Tester

eRepublik Labs Limited

eRepublik Labs developed and launched the online browser geo-political simulation Game "eRepublik".
Beta Testing the game on different levels was assigned to a group of active players and volunteers.

I took part in the Beta testing process preceeding the launch of the V2 :

  • Economic Module Testing
  • War and combat module Testing
  • Community Feedback assessment

Game Master


TunisiaGames was the first Gaming and e-Sports entity to be established in Tunisia. Its main goal was to act as a videogames and electronic sports evangelist among the Tunisian Youth and even elders.

My mission was to ensure that the technical requirements were met, including :

  • Online / LAN Game Dedicated Servers Installation, configuration and management
  • Network testing and enhancement
  • Updating and patching client-side Game Applications

Alongside the tech stuff. I shared the operational team tasks during major events, such as :

  • Events Scheduling and organization
  • Contests Rules and refereeing
  • Events Advocating



Engineer's degree, Computer Software Engineering

Ecole Supérieure Privée d'Ingénierie et de Technologies - ESPRIT


  • Sun Microsystems Lab founder
  • VideoGames Club
  • LAN Party lead member

Bachelor's Degree, Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications

ISITCom Hammam Sousse

Activities :

  • Founder of the Web Technologies Club
  • Internet Security contests organizer




Native or bilingual proficiency


I Understand with ease virtually every form of English material read, including abstract or linguistically complex text such as manuals, specialised articles and literary works, and any kind of spoken language, including live broadcasts delivered at native speed.

EFSET Exam score : 84 - CEFR C1/C2 (High Proficiency)


Native or bilingual proficiency


Professional working proficiency


New Technologies, Sailing, Geopolitical discussion circles, Online Volunteering, Punic History, Anything related to Fennec Foxes, VideoGames and Corruption prevention.


United Nations Volunteers - Virtual Volunteer

Association Tunisienne d'e-Commerce - Vice President