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I am looking for a veterinary technician position that would help me strength the skills I currently posses. I am interested in working in the medical field and improving the health of animals. My degree in Zoology has helped me develop critical thinking skills as well as knowledge of the animals anatomy. In the future I plan on going to graduate school to become a veterinarian. Starting out in a veterinary technician position would help me obtain experience before jumping straight into the field as a DVM. I have already had some experience working along side veterinarian technicians for a year as a volunteer. They taught me the basics of running blood work, inserting catheters and basic check ups.

Some of my strengths are that I'm a logical thinker and like the brute facts. I enjoy working in a team where ideas can be bounced off each other, and work well with others. I am very organized and punctual. Some weakness are that although I work well with others, there are some things I enjoy working on alone. I also make better decisions when perceiving others' opinions first and can't always make decisions concerning feelings in the blink of an eye. I try to aim my decisions to make everyone happy and that doesn't always work well. Although if put in a situation with a decision needed from factual evidence, it's much easier.