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(2016 - present) DystRucXion Entertainment - Performer

(2016 - present) Deviant Dollz - Performer

(2016 - present) Flight Crew Productions - Entertainment Director, Performer

(2015 - present) Insomniac Events - Performer

(2015 - present) GL&M Productions - Performer

(2012 - present) Sirens Performance Art - Founder/Operator, Performer

Resume Documents


Festival Experience

Dance Performer, "Main Stage Mermaid"

GL&M Productions

IMAGINE MUSIC FESTIVAL (August 26-28, 2016)

Character Performer, "Wind-Up Doll" and "Forest Maiden"

GL&M Productions

ELECTRIC FOREST (June 23-26, 2016)

Dance Performer, "Mama Irene"

Insomniac Events


Dance Performer, "Raver", "Nautical Babe" and "Madame Hydra"


INCEPTION AT SEA (March 11-14, 2016)

Dance Performer, "Juicy Fruit" and "Military Brat"

Insomniac Events


Dance Performer, "Jungle Gypsy"


IMAGINE MUSIC FESTIVAL (August 29-30, 2015)

Dance Performer, "Bubble Girl"


SUWANNEE HULAWEEN (October 31, 2015)

Character Performer, "Candy Girl"


ELECTRIC FOREST (June 25-28, 2015)


Height: 5 foot 6 inches

Weight: 100 pounds

Bust: 32"

Cup: B

Waist: 24"

Hips: 32"

Shoe: 6

Body type: petite athletic

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: dark brown

Piercings: ears and navel

Tattoos: finger


Megan began dancing at the age of five and trained in ballet, jazz, hip hop and tap until the age of thirteen. Taking a break from dance to pursue different athletic avenues, she joined her local crew (rowing) team and fell passionately in love with the intense physical training, continuing that training for four years.

Seeking higher education, Megan moved to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University where she eventually began a body-painted and dance performance troupe and started her go-go career. Three years later, after obtaining her Bachelor of Science, Megan finds herself in North Carolina and freelances the region of the East coast. Still managing her Sirens Performance Art troupe back in Florida from a distance, Megan trains regularly and is always expanding on new skills.

With experience in costuming, body painting, dance performance, and specialty props such as batons, flow wands and fans, Megan is a performer to her core. Carrying her previous residencies from her time in Tallahassee proudly, as she was a spearhead in the go-go stylings of a city which was sorely lacking in additional performance entertainment, she Megan is a profound addition to any team considering her drive to grow local markets. 

Megan uses the stage name "Levana". A translation of her legal name into Hebrew and a poetic reference to the moon, Levana is a powerful pseudonym. With Latin roots, the name Levana is also associated with the word "upflifting"--which is a perfect representation of Megan's working behavior. As a performance artist, Megan strives to connect with the crowd and transfer positive, passionate energy to those who also love music. Like the moon, Megan is a strong, feminine presence and a source of guidance; she provides light to those in need and strives to always shine in the darkness.

Additional photos and videos can be found by navigating the links near the top of the page. The first link is her Facebook page, and has albums of photos; the second link is her Youtube channel; the third link is her performance Instagram.

For booking, please contact Megan at

Concept Design

Some notable looks created in the past few years:


Gogo Dancing

Extensive experience performing gogo dance for a multitude of artists and music genres, demonstrating high-energy for ultimate crowd interaction.

Bodypainted Dancing

Extensive experience integrating live art with and gogo dancing. Given the sensitive nature of body paint, with regard to intense stage lighting and soluble materials, bodypainted dancing requires a finesse of powerful, but controlled, performing. Levana has over five years of experience with this medium. 

Concept Design

Half a dozen years of experience in bodypainted design, outfitting and theme work, creating niche looks tailored to specific events and hosts.

Character Acting

Levana has multiple years of experience in character performance with elaborate costuming. Most notably she was a Candy Girl at Electric Forest and a Military Brat at Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando--these two juxtaposing roles prove she can fit any personality.

Prop Arts

Levana utilizes the following props upon request:

Fiber Optic Whip

Flow/Levitation Wand - standard or LED

Isis Wings


LED Fans (Pyroterra Russians) - modified steel fans to create glowing imagery during performances. Pyroterra RGB fans have a plethora of light color and frequency options, controlled via remote; performances with this prop require significant space for safe spinning.

Body Art

The combination of artistic mediums used on a live subject, such as a dancer. Considering the original main focus of her troupe - Sirens Performance Art - Levana has great knowledge of paint layering, combination and general use. She creates her own art work, and can assist other artists.

Other Notable Experience

Megan has held residences with the following venues and companies:

Flight Crew Productions, Raleigh

Baja's Beach Club, Tallahassee 

Coliseum Nightclub, Tallahassee 

Rokbar, Tallahassee

The Side Bar Theatre, Tallahassee


Aug 2010May 2014

Bachelor of Science


Bachelor of Science in Family & Child Sciences, with a Minor of Concentration in Hospitality Management


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