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About Me

Imagine your career success being defined by who you are when you're in "the zone" at work and enjoying life abroad. 

You have complete focus on a global project about which you're passionate. Your natural abilities and skills are in sync. You move effortlessly towards goals you'll undoubtedly achieve.

Imagine how being exceptional by being yourself has an infectious influence. You lead by inspiring others with your energy, authenticity and commitment to making an impact.

I help you - the expat craving purpose and a sense of contribution from your international career - find that person. I help you express your unique value or personal brand with powerful, differentiating words and actions.

We clarify where you want to go and build a map to get there. We dig deep to find your unique strengths that drive your success. I teach you to use networks and strategies on and offline that lead to meaningful conversations, strategic relationships and position you for the right opportunities. I equip you with skills and tools to convert conversations to offers and manage your career for the long term.

You'll be visible, valued and pursued by those who need what you offer. You'll know how to find satisfying work abroad. You'll move with more ease between jobs and countries. In sum, you'll have a career that supports your international lifestyle.

With 18+ years experience in professional and business development in 28+ countries, I've helped hundreds of expats build rewarding careers overseas, just as I've done for myself.

Being committed and compassionate, working with me means you'll feel both stretched and supported. With an ability to see possibilities others can't, I'll show you how to turn an idea into an action plan and then a reality. 

With certifications in career and executive coaching, personal branding and online identity, I've been featured in Fortune, CNNMoney, WSJ and expat and career publications.

When you succeed, I succeed. How do you define success?