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Work History


Virtual Agent


Position Summary:
Work-from-home outbound call center specialist. By reading from predetermined scripts, use an outbound dialing system to attempt to convince customers to transfer over to a credit repairing company.

- Read from a predetermined script based on customer's inquiry online making sure to include all aspects of the script.
-Attempt to transfer customers over to Lexington Law where they will sign up to have their credit repaired with that company.
- Meet a weekly quota for customers transferred, & sign-ups achieved.

- Received 2 sign-ups with only having transferred 3 customers after only 2 hours on my very first day.
- Was already included in the top achievers list for customer sign-ups by the end of the 1st full work week.

Reason for Leaving:
Part-time position, with a part-time income.

December 2016March 2017

Area Manager

Sims Business Systems

Position Summary:
B2B (business to business) Sales Representative. Using own reliable transportation manage an assigned territory, from which new sales should be produced on a daily basis in order to meet a monthly sales quota.

- Independently Manage all current & future sales within an assigned territory.
- "Cold call" businesses in attempt to obtain the contact information necessary to schedule appointments to give sales presentations.
- Using the contact information obtained, attempt to schedule appointments with the decision makers of a company.
Enter information gathered about businesses (& all future activities planned w/ businesses) into the electronic database.
Create proposals of purchasing options (and/or leasing options) for any scheduled sales presentations using an electronic database.
- Attend all scheduled meetings punctually, & attempt to persuade companies to make a purchase during that first meeting.
 Provide a individual weekly forecast of any & all projected sales to the Vice President of Sales & the Sales Manager.
Attend any conferences & sales training meetings as assigned.

- Was considerably the youngest member of the sales team, with the smallest age difference between my coworkers & I being 15 years)
- Gathered 100+ potential leads on the 1st day in assigned territory.
- Finished the sales training significantly faster than any sales team member had even done previous to my employment.

Reason for Leaving:
2 hour commute.

March 2015December 2016

Independent Sales Representative


Position Summary:
Independently market & sell Avon products to self-obtained customers. With limited sales material & optional training provided, prepare sales presentations/parties for new & current customers.

- Locate potential Sales Representatives to advertise to them the idea of becoming an Independent Sales Representative for Avon.
- Attend (optional) sales meetings, industry trade shows, & training seminars to gather information, promote products, expand network of contacts, & increase knowledge of sales techniques & practices.
- Arrange buying parties & solicit sponsorship of such parties to sell new & upcoming merchandise as well as currently available products.
- Record customers' orders to be entered into an Avon purchase form.
- Separate customers' orders after delivery & ensure each order is mailed to the correct addresses in an appropriate amount of time.

- Earned the ability to recruit new Independent Sales Representatives through the total amount of merchandise sold within 1st month of contracting w/ Avon (usually takes typical representatives 3-5 months).

Reason for Leaving:
Wanted a position within a company with more structure.

December 2014Current

Independent Contractor

ath Power Consulting

Position Summary:
Mystery Shopper

- Self-assign jobs based on appropriate location & timing.
- Complete self-assigned jobs at specified locations in the specified amount of time.
- Give detailed reports of jobs completed based on questions asked about jobs concerning the specific store visited, it's environment, & the employee that was worked with.
- Submit reports within the specified timeline given when the job was assigned.

- Awarded all self-assigned jobs based on ability to complete jobs & submit reports efficiently & in a timely manner.

Reason for Leaving:



Phoenix Puppy Purchase

Position Description:
As the owner of Phoenix Puppy Purchase, I was required to create all aspects of the company, including social media accounts, online stores & websites, customer accounts, product base, marketing materials, etc.

Maintain all customer's accounts & customer's orders.
- Promptly address all customer inquiries, questions & complaints and find the appropriate solutions for each situation.
Maintain all Social Media accounts & the company website by posting updates on each regularly to inform customers of any new merchandise, recent sales, or current promotions.
- File the appropriate tax documents for the type of business started based on the amount of revenue generated each quarter.

Reason for Leaving
Seasonal Business

June 2014February 2015

Cashier - Assistant Manager

Burger King

Position Description:
Hired to be a Cashier, but promoted after one month of employment due to impressive skill-set, useful ideas for productivity improvements & advertising, as well as a sudden major decrease in staff. As Assistant Manager: Manage 3-5 employees at a given time, & perform all duties of a fast food/retail store manager as required.

- After only one month of employment, I was promoted to Assistant Manager from a Cashier because of my work ethic & impressive performance.

Reason for Leaving:
Never receiving raise to accompany my promotion to Assistant Manager.

January 2014July 2014

Cashier - Shift Leader

Einstein Bro's Bagels

Position Summary:
Hired to be a Cashier, but promoted to Shift Lead after only 3 months of being employed here. Duties as Shift Lead were similar to those of a Cashier with only a small amount of authority awarded. 

After only 2 weeks, I reached the #1 spot on the 'Customer Service Leader Board' & I maintained that spot until I resigned.
(The 'Customer Service Leader Board' was based on customer feedback surveys; whoever's name was mentioned the most in positive feedback surveys would be the leader on the board).
- Promoted after only 3 months of employment.

Reason for Leaving:

June 2013December 2013

Administrative Assistant

H. W. Johnson Concrete Construction LL C.

Position Summary:
Due to the business changing from a Company to an Limited Liability Company, assistance was need in the office to help change all files, documents, etc. over to the new type of format needed. The position was to last no longer than 1-2 months.

Maintained employment for 6 months due to my effectiveness & efficiency, as well as what my presence did to the atmosphere of the office.

Reason for Leaving:
Temporary Position.

March 2012July 2013


Black Angus Steakhouse

Position Summary:
Perform the normal duties of a restaurant Hostess; greet & seat guests. Also, inquire about "Prime Club" memberships to each party seated to meet weekly quotas of membership sign-ups.

- Was highly depended on to reach the weekly quota of new member sign-ups for the "Prime Club" (Out of 100 required per week, I typically gathered 50-75).
- After 6 months of being employed, was unofficially promoted to 'Lead Hostess'
- After 9 months of employment, was promoted to 'New-Hire Training Lead'