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   If given the opportunity, I believe that I possess the qualities that are essential in performing the duties of this position in a manner that would display reliability, motivation, flexibility, knowledge, kindness and compassion.  

   In addition, I feel that it's equally as important to possess the ability to effectively listen to each individual concern, build trust - as well as rapport, and to have the drive to continue learning ways that will ensure not only a job well done, but continued growth of the company as well. 

Work experience



   I am currently focusing on my writing, while simultaneously carrying out the duties of a stay-at-home mother, and wife.  My health has been a remarkably daunting reminder this past year, to not only focus on surviving this life that we've been given, but to truly live it. 

Element Mobile


Wireless Sales Representative

Waupaca, WI


°The setup of new services/activations

°Processing of payments (eft, cash, credit/debit)

°Assisting customers in regards to any questions or concerns

In addition, I would regularly be assigned the task(s) of both opening, as well as closing, the store.  Each duty included having to accurately organize different types of invoices, receipts, and more - into a computer filing system.  Mornings would also require a full cash count of all drawers, and a distribution of correct change to the employees on that particular shift. 

Despite this position not being as fast-paced or demanding, in comparison to those I have had in the past - it still provided me with a way to connect with people on a day-to-day basis, where I then had the opportunity to resolve each of their individual concerns. 

(  ..regretfully, I was unable to work to my full potential.  I was just a couple weeks out of training, when an unexpected buy out of the entire company, left a vast majority of employees, permanently laid-off..  ) 



Wireless Sales Consultant

Oshkosh, WI


°Recruiting new customers, and successfully securing them into a custom-tailored package, that accomodated their individual needs and/or wants

°Managing and maintaining already existing accounts

°Processing bills using different forms of payment (cash, credit/debit, eft, etc.. )

°Performing technical repair on various types of mobile devices, both in person, as well as over the phone on occasion 

°Closing sales, and not only meeting daily goals and quotas, but exceeding them

°Packaging miscellaneous inventory or stock, counting drawers and depositing cash drops, etc.

This position required an extraordinary level of skill and commitment, on the job training, attendance of seminars/workshops, and an extensive and continually growing knowledge of all our products, and services. 

As a team, we firmly believed in the importance of building rapport with each person that entered our store.  While a substantial part of our overall goal, was to setup new accounts and services, the main objective was to create a lifelong customer, who spoke highly of our company to others.  


This was a fast-paced position, that required a great deal of determination, as well as a self-driven want, to not only meet, but to constantly be exceeding all set goals.  We strived for excellence, and were rewarded with the title of "Sprint Elite," for three consecutive months.  This reward was presented to us for demonstrating exceptional customer service, and numbers in sales, in comparison to our neighboring states, to the east. 


Charter Communications


Retention Specialist

Fond Du Lac, WI


°Processing various types of payments (cash, debit/credit, ect..)

°Setting up payment plans/promises to pay, and restoring previously disconnected services

°Addressing any questions or concerns in regards to which options/packages were available, our current offers or deals, individual eligibility and credit checks, scheduling for technicians to visit the customer's service address (repair issues, installation, etc.. ), and much more

°Meeting set quotas or metrics, both individually, and also as a team

°A very large aspect of this position was solely focused on the ability to produce and execute sales. I had the responsibility of setting up new services, transferring the services of existing customers - as well as taking the customer through step-by-step directions in regards to technical repairs, outages, and basic troubleshooting

°This was a call center environment, in which I was mostly on the receiving end, rarely making cold calls, etc. I was leading in sales at one point, as we worked independently to meet personal quotas, but also had set goals within our teams

The skills I demonstrated on a regular basis, and primarily directed my focus on, were patience, empathy, and the importance of building rapport. I answered the phone with a pleasant tone in my voice, ensuring the customer of satisfaction, and/or reassurance.

This was a very fast- paced environment, where the majority of my skills were used to assess each situation, and then offer services based upon the personal needs/wants of the customer. 



Crew Trainer

Wautoma, WI


The proper training of all new employees in all areas of production including, but not limited to:

°Cash drops, drawer counts, order taking, food production and distribution, making times ( ..90 seconds or less from the moment each order was taken, to the moment it reaches the customer's hands.. ), following correct procedures, reinforcement of guidelines, etc.

°Light to moderate maintenance duties such as-sweeping, mopping, the tearing down of equipment to throughly wash and reassemble, etc.

Skills Used:

Excellent customer service, time management and prioritizing, the ability to work in an extraordinarily fast paced environment, as well the ability to adapt, organize, and work well independently as well with others.


I was presented with Employee of the Month. I was also originally hired as a crew member, and earned my title as a trainer after proving to be dedicated, hard-working, and reliable.

Tomorrow Valley Coop


Office Assistant

Manawa, WI


°Answered incoming calls, and took down messages/notes

°Organized different types of information, and order forms, etc. - into a filing system

°Prepared billing statements, and distributed them accordingly, via the local post office

This was a position, that I returned to each summer throughout my high school years.  It entailed a basic knowledge of computers, spreadsheets, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well. 

Rosemore Village - Assisted Living


Dietary Aide

Wild Rose, WI 


°To open the kitchen each morning, and begin the preparation of breakfast duties

°Begin pouring juices, milks, etc. - in addition to organizing and separating trays according to which residents would be dining in their rooms, and which residents would be coming to the dining room

°Specializing trays according to individual specifications, usually set in place by a medical professional, dependent upon their ability to properly process their food

°Collecting all dishes at the end of each meal, and beginning the process of washing, drying, and putting away, all cups, plates, utensils, etc. 

°Wiping down each room thoroughly, sweeping and mopping my designated area(s), setting up for shift change, removing all garbage from each room, and assisting the cook with anything that needed finishing, etc.

As time progressed, I became more involved with various other areas of the facility, as well.  I began dedicating more of my time to the residents themselves - eventually becoming cross-trained in cares (and being scheduled to do work outside of the kitchen.. ), but unfortunately - never actually obtaining a certification or degree of any kind through the training offered to me at that time.  


Computer Knowledge

   I have been fluent in the usage of Microsoft Word, as well as PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, for many years now.  I have also been utilizing the internet, using browsers such as Firefox and various other basic, computer-based programs, for more than 10 years.  

Creative Writing

   I acquired a passion for reading, as well as writing, at a very early age.  Subsequently, I have become more involved in pursuing that path as I get older, in anticipation of where that road may lead.

   I am currently in the midst of designing my own blog, as a starting point to what I hope will someday be my very own book.  I am routinely involved with different groups that's main focus is based upon a Q&A type format.  In this group, I assist in supplying educated answers to different people from all areas of the world, when they have questions concerning specific aspects of interest that I feel I have enough knowledge of, to answer accurately. 

Customer Service & Sales

   I currently have over 10 years of customer service experience, in addition to approximately 5 years of sales experience as well.  

   I thoroughly enjoy providing an atmosphere of comfort, trust, assurance, knowledge, and friendliness.  I've found that possessing such qualities, helps to build rapport with each individual, which in turn ensures a sense of loyalty, and a better chance of a returning customer being formed. 


Ashford University Online

Journalism and Mass Communication

   I was pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, 

Wild Rose High School


High School Diploma

   Graduated in 2006.

Custom dated section

Salvation Army


Bell Ringer (Salvation Army Donations)

   In high school, I would routinely checkout during the day, typically during a study hall, and walk down to what is now the Farmer's Exchange Bank, and do volunteer work as a bell ringer, for the Salvation Army, in an effort to collect donations for their cause(s).