Gregory Creaman

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2006 - Present

Digital Librarian

National Park Service
  • Responsible for staff training to create digital images and catalogs.
  • Develop needs-specific projects, which consist of evaluating and creating digital content and creating or enhancing Dublin Core standard metadata¬† records in a potentially wide-range of subject¬† areas and effectively uploading data into digital library.
  • Develop, as part of a committee with other librarians in the National Park Service, requirements for bibliographic metadata which will significantly improve cataloging, sharing and management of bibliographic citations across the NPS.
  • Experience with electronic image formats (TIFF, GIF, JPEG)
  • Create professional video tutorials of training procedures for digital library using Camtasia Studio software.
  • Perform webinars on how to use Focus system to park employees around the country using GoToMeeting software.¬†


Aug 1999 - Oct 2000


University of Illinois