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I have strong leadership skills and a dynamic personality. I thrive on challenges and believe in perfection in everything I do. I have excellent communication skills and strong ability to engage people in order to create change.

Career History

September, 2017Present

Executive Board Member 

Global Partnership Summit- India Japan Partnership Summit 

I worked on a international summit between India and Japan. My specific role was to work with partner organisations to help encourage women in business. We worked with Japanese companies that helped to bring the technology behind the 'electric car' to India. We worked with several ministers and the Indian government to implement an alternative development model. 

Aug 2015Present

Children's Centre and Family Support Lead

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Managing teams, strategic planning for delivery of programmes, working with partners and stakeholders to grow services and target 'hard to reach families'.  I am responsible for the line management, support and supervision of the children's centre staff at Randolph Beresford Early years centre. I also offered supervision support to family support at Cathnor Park Children's centre.

Aug 2013Aug 2015

Team Leader: Family Support

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

One to one case work, regular home visits and centre visits. Focusing on reaching our target group, implementing safeguarding practices and legislation. Engaging children and families who are facing challenges. Offering training to other teams,working with complex families and working with multi disciplinary professionals. 

May 2011Aug 2013

Family Practitioner

London Borough of Camden

Working in a multi disciplinary team with health and speech therapists. Reducing the impact of domestic violence, behavioural difficulties, working with children and families with a disability or special needs.

Apr 2009Nov 2010

Contact supervisor 

Contact Professionals Ltd

Working with children who were subject to care proceedings, providing weekly contact visits to families in: Southwark, Lambeth, Ealing and Bexley. I worked on a number of complex and emotional cases. Following the contact visits, i compiled reports for the family court.   


  • Ability to use various software programmes and a IT geek!
  • Confident public speaker
  • Excellent relationship building skills
  • Analytical thinker with the ability to think creatively and find solutions that are fresh and innovative
  • Excellent customer service skills! I believe its the most important factor of retention in any sector.
  • Willing to do what it takes, give and grow in order to be the best.
  • Self motivated and strong ability to work independently
  • Trustworthy and loyal


Jun 2015Jul 2015

Management: Creative Thinking and Organizational Sucess

Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts

Short course in order to drive and improve service delivery in children's services, although the course was not specific to children's services. It was a broad management course and we had regular projects including a large project with Boston Children's Hospital and The Philanthropy Connection.

Sep 2005Jul 2008

Psychology- Bachelor of Science (BSc Hons)

Surrey University

I have a broad understanding of psychology from clinical to criminal and using various disciplines to underpin and understand behaviour. Research and data analysis were extremely important throughout the programme.

Supporting Statement 

Dear Wendy and Peter, 

RE: Interim Children's Centre Team Leader Post- Family Support Service.

I would like to express my interest in the above post. I am the current children's centre family support lead for Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre. I have been in my current post for five years. In my current role i manage the day to day running of the children's centre at Randolph Beresford. I, along with my team work with partners and various services to develop a programme suitable for the needs of our local families. In 2015, following some changes at Randolph Beresford i was given the opportunity to take on more responsibility for the children's centre. As a result of this i line managed the staff at Randolph Beresford but also took on supervision duties for family support at Cathnor park children's centre. I am eager to explore other opportunities with the family support service. 

Prior to joining Hammersmith and Fulham i was a family practitioner at London Borough of Camden. I have extensive experience in engaging families, working with partners, looking at new ways of working and systems and processes related to working within complex teams. I have always looked ahead in terms of my career path and i am constantly looking at new ways of working better, smarter and channelling my ambitions in to new projects. I take my career progression very seriously and often involve myself in extra circular activities to enhance my personal and professional development. In 2015, i attended a management course at Harvard University in Boston.

The experience was second to none but also i have built an international network whom i communicate with to look at improving the lives of children and families. Through my network i was lucky enough to be selected as an executive board member for a international summit which was taking place in India and Japan. I had the opportunity to work with various organisations, governments to promote women's empowerment. I used my knowledge of UK safeguarding and practices which i learned in my current role and we are currently in process of building a school in India. 


I believe that i have strong leadership qualities and a positive attitude. I genuinely love what i do and i strive to go above and beyond to be innovative. One example of this is 'Primecore'. A case management system that we created, which has space to grow and develop in to a system that can monitor and evidence the impact of services on children. 


I have an extensive background in support services and have worked myself up from a 'contact supervisor' to Family Support and Children's centre Lead. I would like to continue to learn new skills, work with various teams and support the design of a service that will be truly beneficial to the residents of Hammersmith and Fulham. I believe the key to a good service is the relationships that we build and using those relationships to design a service that ensures the well being of their staff and service users.

Yours sincerely, 

Meera Bhayani