Digital & Social Media Senior Specialist

-Design & Implement the social media strategy, coordinating with stakeholders across the Company to ensure its effectiveness and encouraging adoption of relevant social media techniques into the corporate culture and into all of the company’s products and services -Have a planned calendar for the social media campaigns , day-to-day activities , online promotions and other community engagement activities to increase the brand awareness & favorability -Manage presence in social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and other similar community sites. -Introduce new digital advertising channels and design the road map & the objective for each channel -Manage a Blogger outreach program and build an active brand ambassador network to spread the word about the Company -Monitor effective benchmarks for measuring the impact of social media campaigns effectiveness and act upon the results -Circulate insights gained from social media reports to the Management teams to help them enhance their products & Services -Manage, evaluate, plan, and contribute to social media channels to reach the company targets and objectives -Manage conducting, gathering and analyzing market research to spot the business opportunities -Manage and create updated Social Media & online channels or tools to maintain the leadership position across the competitors -Manage all Reactive actions taken by Social media team with alignment with the PR, MarCom & other stakeholders -Communicate with other OPCS /VF group for knowledge sharing & communicating best practices in the social Media -Review the budgets for the Social media activities -Own and manage the customer experience through the different Social media touch points. -Motivate, Inspire, stimulate, instruct, direct, coach, brief and manage performance, recruit of team members