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Expected Graduation 2018

Estacada High School

Graphic Arts  and Art Classes as well as Honors Classes including History, English, Geometry.

Skills (bar = skill level)

Digital Graphics/Arts

Have been learning how to use digital programs to create art since August of 2011, and since then have upgraded myself from simple free-to-use browser based programs, to GIMP, to Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Draw daily on Photoshop or even just in my sketchpad. 


Very organized, and often love to organize a veriety of things just to cure boredom. 


Digital/Traditional Art

Have been an artist since I was very young, and a digital artist since August of 2011. Always try to improve my skills and find new people to learn from. Art has taught me how to express myself beyond just words. It has also taught me how to be a little more social.


Music is one of my favorite things, although I do not play an instrument or sing.  Music helps me get into the zone of working, whether that be on school work, art, or anything else. Work best when  listening to music, and have become used to paying attention to people even while listening to music.


Math isn't a favorite subject in school, but it is definitely on my list. Math can be one of the hardest, and also one of the most fun subjects. At times, I come up with random problems for myself to figure out just to eliminate boredum.



Scholastic Gold Keys from Scholastic Art Awards

Won a Scholastic Gold Key for two of my digital art pieces. 

Scholastic Silver Keys from Scholastic Art Awards

Won Scholastic Silver Keys for a digital piece, as well as a traditional piece.

Scholastic Honorable Mentions from Scholastic Art Awards

Have recieved a couple Honorable Mentions for both digital and traditional art pieces.