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Work experience

Jul 2012Present

Master Auto Tech

Louetta Automotive

My job consisted in diagnostic and repair and cars and trucks in all systems, and performing maintenance such as flushes, etc.Mostly late and luxury vehicles. 

Feb 2004Jun 2012

Lead Tech

Ken's Auto

Diagnostic and repair or car and truck, including medium duty trucks, gasoline and diesel, and performing scheduled maintenance.Helping other techs with they job in case of problems and issues of higher difficulty.Occasionally helping in the office, talking with customers and doing clerical work when needed. 

Jan 2003Feb 2004

Lead Tech

River Oaks Auto

Diagnose and repair cars and light trucks and perform scheduled maintenance.


Jan 1991Jul 1994


High School plus Auto Tech School


Automotive Diagnostics and Repair.
This is a list of my set of skills, all related to automotive repair industry. Currently holding an ASE Master and ASE L1 Advanced Engine Performance Specialist certifications (Recertified) Proficient in all aspects of auto repair, including Texas Emissions Repair. Proficient in MIG, regular stick and acetylene welding and brazing. Proficient in metal fabrication. 


Rusk Elatassi

Owner and operator at a previous job.

Frank Gomez

Manager at my previous position at Ken's Auto

Clayton Easly

My current manager at my current job.


Mainly family and work, also motorsports and electronic tinkering, as well as open area sports and continuing education and training.


My objective is to grow my skills set even further and keep up with emerging technologies pertaining to auto repair in a place where I can stay for the long haul.


Salary history:Currently $33 flag hour with bonus of +$1 when 50 or more hours and +$2 when 58 hours a week.Previous position at Ken's Auto started at $25 flag hour at the beginning in 2004 and went all the way to $33 in 2012.Previous position at River Oaks Goodyear $24 flag hour. 


Dec 2004Dec 2014

ASE Master Tech

Dec 2004Dec 2014

ASE L1 Advanced Engine Performance Specialist