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Columbia College Hollywood

BFA - Cinema

Currently studying  to receive a Bachelor's degree in cinema.

Work experience


Admissions Assistant 

Columbia College Hollywood
  • Processing applications and documents for admission
  • Use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Sheets. 
  • Data entry 
  • Work on projects for outreach and student events 
  • Some receptionist work answering phones
  • Giving tours of the campus to prospective students and families

Sales Representative/Advisor

Vector Marketing
  • Work in sales and customer service 
  • Built client base and relationships with customers
  • Experience with sales and service over phone as well as cold calling to set up appointments
  • Received some managerial training 
  • Won an award for having some of the highest sales in the division 
  • Received letter of recommendation from the president of the company for my achievements at the company 



Delta Sigma Alpha Sorority 

New Member Executive/Founding Member 
  • Oversee membership education and learning experience 
  • Involvement in the coordination of activities to ensure they are consistent with membership goals and development 
  • Guide new members and serve as face of the sorority 
  • Currently being developed 

Section Leader/First Chair

Valhalla High School Music Program 
  • Led members in live performances 
  • Organization of sound and instrumental equipment 
  • Kept members on task 
  • Educated new members on the program and help with any technical/musical problems
  • Communication with members about events