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Entrepreneur Ken Hantman wields extensive professional experience in the security industry. As President of Perimeter Protective Systems, Inc., Pennsylvania-resident Ken Hantman has spent over three decades safeguarding his community. Additionally, Ken Hantman manages a Canadian business, Build Your Work Force, a firm that recruits diligent and skillful employees for companies facing labor shortages. Preceding his current career contributions, Ken Hantman served 28 years as founder and President of Philadelphia’s Eagle Fence Company, a small construction business that he successfully sold in 2004. Specializing in various forms of property security, including internal, perimeter, and access control, Ken Hantman led Eagle Fence Company to its remarkable success with clients like AT&T, Exxon, and Mobil Research. Today, Ken Hantman oversees Perimeter Protective Systems, Inc., a company that offers video analytics for commercial and industrial purposes. From marketing to monitoring, Ken Hantman focuses on sophisticated solutions for ultimate physical protection. As President of Build Your Work Force, an Alberta-based company operating throughout western Canada, Ken Hantman’s team of expert recruiters locates employees from other countries with experience in construction, warehousing, retailing, and other industries and links them with jobs in Canada. To learn more about Ken Hantman’s workforce services, visit Ken Hantman graduated with honors from New York’s University of Rochester in 1973. Now, Ken Hantman utilizes his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, along with his extensive security background, in hopes of defusing terrorism and restoring cultural communication through the establishment of a global broadcasting-based foundation. Aside from his career accomplishments and objectives, Ken Hantman has been actively involved in a number of organizations, including the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, the Alberta Construction Association, and the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). Furthermore, Ken Hantman contributes to associations for disaster relief, wildlife preservation, diabetes prevention, political party interests, poverty assistance, and community support.

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Perimeter Protective Systems, Inc.



B.A. Cum Laude

University of Rochester