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Work experience
2010 - 2012

VP Digital Strategy

Marketingworks, Inc.

Marketingworks is a digital word-of-mouth agency that develops large-scale social campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Fortune 1000 brands such as Allstate, Post and Powerade.As the VP of Digital Strategy, I create brand experiences using digital touchpoints that excite, engage and enroll my clients’ customers. I employ a mix of industry-standard and proprietary web- and realtime-monitoring tools and social analytics software to obtain business intelligence, inform social business strategy and determine the tactics to create and distribute powerful word-of-mouth marketing and business success.Brand and agency campaigns which I have managed include Honey Bunches of Oats en Español (Facebook buildout, contest and community management), Susan G. Komen "Lazos Que Perduran" (Facebook & blogger outreach), Nurigene (ecommerce website & Facebook buildout), ESPN Deportes (online brand audit), AARP (extensive online market research), Powerade (blogger outreach) and Febreze Sport (viral video).

2012 - 2012

Social Media Strategist

The Woo Agency

The Woo is an independent, full-service advertising agency specializing in developing fully-integrated creative marketing programs from strategy to execution.As Social Media Strategist, my accounts included Grand Marnier and Lenovo.For Grand Marnier, I monitored and evaluated social media results on a daily basis in support of client goals, benchmarks and relevant social media placements across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs. On the measurement end, I designed and implemented social media metrics to provide recommendations and inform strategic direction. Optimizing to achieve the most effective social communication strategy regularly required me to work in close collaboration with creative, account, media and upper management. By paying close attention to analytical insights, competitive research and alcohol industry market trends, I was able to quadruple fan page engagement and double editorial post reach.For Lenovo, I partnered with the account and creative teams to provide campaign strategy and social media activation for several national multichannel ad campaigns, culminating in the most successful video contest to date (2,000+ entries) on the Wildfire platform. In support of these campaigns, I established KPIs, monitored and optimized results in real time and produced monthly and end-of-campaign wrap-up reports.

2007 - 2010

Marketing and Brand Strategy Consulting

Comcast Entertainment Group / E! Entertainment Television

E! Entertainment Television is a popular cable network with over 94 million viewers in the USA, as well as a large presence in international markets such as France. I worked with the International Marketing Management team on a presentation to Canalsat, France’s largest cable provider. The objective was to demonstrate the rapid emergence of E! as a player in the French market and to persuade Canalsat to renew their contract with E!.

The Walt Disney Company, ABC Television

I collaborated on a marketing and promotional plan for “Traveler”, a primetime TV serial drama that debuted in the summer of 2007. In addition to conducting market research, we devised an advertising framework that included a mix of traditional and new media such as Facebook, blogs and torrents, for the company to implement in marketing the show. My Keynote presentation to Disney and ABC executives wove together the familiar branding elements of the Disney website, including logos, colors and personality, with the look, feel and sound of the edgy, Generation Y-inspired series. The result was a debut night viewership of 8.8 million, 20% above ABC’s target.

Abraxis Bioscience

Abraxis is a $1.5 billion company in Southern California that develops cancer therapies. I teamed with MC Brand Studios, a branding agency, and Abraxis’ investor relations firm, Pondell Wilkinson, to design CEO Lonnie Moulder’s presentation of the Abraxane cancer therapy to the 2009 Merrill Lynch and Bank of America Healthcare Conference. The presentation was also streamed live over the Internet.


I led the executive teams of the IHOP and Applebee’s business units in creating the annual presentation of their 5-year strategic plan to the Board of Directors. This included translating complex branding concepts into infographics and editing their content into simple yet compelling statements.

L.A. Lawyers Philharmonic

Founded in January 2009, the L.A. Lawyers Philharmonic is a non-profit symphony orchestra consisting entirely of lawyers and judges. I designed the brand identity, website, email marketing campaign and press materials that have exposed this one-year-old orchestra to an international audience of millions through recognition in newspapers such as the New York Times, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Daily News and Metropolitan News, online news outlets such as ABC, CBS and the Associated Press, and the homepage of the American Bar Association.

Mariel’s Kitchen

Founded by Oscar-nominated actress Mariel Hemingway, Mariel’s Kitchen is devoted to selling and promoting packaged raw foods called Blisscuits. I determined the Blisscuit’s market positioning by analyzing health food industry trends, looking at pricing models and developing revenue forecasts. The Blisscuit is now being carried in Tully’s and is slated for distribution by Whole Foods and Target.

the Oomph! company

the Oomph! company is a boutique branding agency founded in 2009. As a consultant, I developed strategic partnerships with the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and local business leaders. I also designed the firm’s visual identity, business collateral and corporate website. In addition, I deployed Facebook, Twitter and blog strategies to build an online community around the Oomph! company. I also directed and produced the Oomphcast, an ongoing podcast series designed to educate and inform business owners about the importance of cultivating a powerful brand strategy. Our guests included Lynda Resnick, founder of Roll International, Noah Alper, Founder of Noah’s Bagels, Emilie Veloso, President of O.N.E. Drinks and Jason Nazar, Founder of Docstoc.

2002 - 2006

Information Design Strategist

Wasserman Dental Arts Education

I teamed with a group of dental specialists to accomplish two tasks:

1) I re-engineered their office processes into a custom digital workflow to optimize time spent on individual casework. The resulting was an asset management system that achieved a 70% time reduction per case.

2) Through this process, I also participated in the reorganization of the Harvard and UCLA dental schools curricula. Utilizing the case material created in the re-engineering, I designed media-intensive PowerPoint presentations for academic lectures and produced educational DVDs that were sold and distributed at both the academic and professional levels.

1999 - 2002

Marketing Director

Clockwork Interactive

Clockwork Websites was a boutique website design and development firm focused on providing high-quality, graphically-rich online experiences to small to medium-sized organizations in the Los Angeles area. Our clients represented organizations in industries such as newspaper, music publishing, screenwriting, California state health and religion. As Marketing Director, I designed, built and managed the online identities of these organizations. I was also responsible for authoring 85 weekly technology articles in the local press to generate awareness of Clockwork Interactive – and to educate people about contemporary topics in technology. These pieces were read by over 45,000 people.

1996 - 1998

Sales Representative, promoted to Business Analyst

Dove Entertainment
Product Promotion – Facilitated development of new commercial accounts, product promotion and remainder sales. Sales – Increased market penetration to targeted retailers, wholesalers, rack jobbers and library distributors.


2006 - 2008


In 2008, I was awarded the Honors Scholarship for Extraordinary Leadership Qualities for my extracurricular involvement at Pepperdine.

Among the many activities and organizations in which I was active, Pepperjam was the most thrilling. As a 1st year student, I conceived and created a student Talent Showcase. In my second year, I led a 6-member team of students, professors and staff in organizing, branding, promoting, project-managing and executing Pepperjam, a campus-wide multicultural artistic showcase. Now in its 4th year, Pepperjam has become a perennial tradition among the student body.I also pinpointed inefficiencies in the way that student-run activities were organized and communicated. My solution was to spearhead and brand a business school Web portal,, that centralized all the student organizations and activity groups under one cohesive umbrella. The outcome was much stronger engagement by the student body.

As the President of the Technology Management Club, I tripled its membership.

Activities and Societies in which I was active included:

• President, Graziadio School of Business Technology Management Club• Technology Chair, Graziadio School of Business chapter of NetImpact• Member, Graziadio School of Business Ethics Committee• Member, Graziadio School of Business Marketing Society




I have used PowerPoint as a design and informational graphics tool since 2001. My passion is telling stories. I see PowerPoint as a communications tool in which I can tell a brand's story and communicate its message to an audience with clear, compelling and clean visuals. Some of the purposes for which I have used PowerPoint include:   Pitching a major brand’s 5-year strategic plan to its Board of Directors. This included translating complex branding concepts into simple and understandable infographics. Introducing a biotech giant’s new cancer therapy to a healthcare conference. The challenge was to simplify and distill dense scientific information into a visually-rich story. Simulating a TV game show. The challenge was to build functional imitations of games, such as Plinko from The Price Is Right, to demonstrate business decision trees. Illustrating complex orthodontic and oral surgery cases. The challenge was to tell the stories of real patients in an empathic yet scientifically rigorous manner. As a fixed palette of bullet points and header boxes, PowerPoint has marred, mauled and mutilated millions of presentations. For me, though, it is a blank canvas for communicating ideas that can not be explained as easily in any other way.


Keynote for Macintosh

Print and Web Portfolios

About Michael


I create, monitor and measure online brand experiences using digital touchpoints that excite, engage and enroll my clients’ customers. From custom Facebook fan page design to editorial messaging and an emphasis on brand story, my work taps into people’s passions and creates genuine, loyal relationships.I employ a mix of industry-standard and proprietary web- and realtime-monitoring tools and social analytics software to measure the results of those brand experiences, obtain business intelligence, inform social business strategy and determine the tactics to create, distribute and measure powerful word-of-mouth marketing and business success.I possess a thorough knowledge of and familiarity with established social media touchpoints such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs – as well as developing channels such as Pinterest.My clients include Grand Marnier, Lenovo, Post Cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats), AARP, ESPN Deportes, The Walt Disney Company, Abraxis Bioscience and Dinequity (IHOP/Applebee's).


After receiving a BA from The University of Chicago, I worked for several years before completing an MBA from Pepperdine University. I am always learning. I am passionate about learning. My education is life-long and reflects wisdom gained from the branding books, social media manifestos, professional clients and random mediums through which I constantly find inspiration.


My core personality traits are creativity, passion and persistence.

On the tools side, I specialize in social media monitoring tools such as SimplyMeasured, Radian6 and Curalate and develop for Facebook and Wordpress. My design and analytical workflow includes Excel, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, PageLever, Keynote, Sliderocket, Powerpoint, Omnigraffle, Photoshop and Treeplan.

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