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Professional Papers/Presentation


Bowling Coach
I have bowled since I was a child and have helped coach throughout high school in youth leagues and most recently have assisted in coaching the New Hartford School District's Varsity and Junior Varsity bowling team.
Theatre (Musical) Direction
I have had experience in directing musical revue shows throughout college, and have most recently Assistant Directed two musicals at the New Hartford Central School District: Legally Blonde: The Musical and The Little Mermaid Jr.

Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Substitute Teacher (Per Diem)

Various School Districts

Certified Substitute Teacher at: New Hartford School District; Utica City School District; New York Mills Union Free School District; Clinton School District

May 2013Jun 2013

Secondary Math Long-Term Substitute Teacher

New Hartford School District

I will be teaching AP Calculus (AB) and Algebra II/Trigonometry during another teacher's maternity leave.

Dec 2012Feb 2013

Secondary Math Long-Term Substitute Teacher

New York Mills Union Free School District

I taught Geometry and Integrated Algebra during another teacher's maternity leave.


Aug 2008May 2012

Bachelor of Arts

SUNY Geneseo


Sep 2012Aug 2017

Secondary Mathematics (7-12)

NYS Education Department


Educational Philosophy

As an educator, several important issues should engage my attention over the course of my career.  As

students from different social classes, ethnic backgrounds, and races come together in my classroom, it will be my responsibility to influence how each and every student is able to interact with one another.  It is up to a teacher to be sure that every child in a classroom has the same chance to succeed as the one sitting next to him or her, and are able to appreciate each other for both their strengths and differences.  In creating an atmosphere in which the entire class comes to know each other as more than simply a label or status, I will, in effect, be helping a generation end an era filled with epidemics of discrimination.  I will strive to create an entirely equitable classroom in which every student feels as if he or she has an absolutely equal chance to succeed, no matter his or her academic background, race, creed, ethnicity, or social status.

The purpose of education is to aid an individual in creating the best possible life for him or herself, and in

turn, creating contributing members of society.  Education provides the groundwork for the development of a prosperous and successful life, and although successful is a very relative term, education will place a student on the path to the success that he or she has chosen.  It is my goal as a teacher to help students see and develop their own goals and what success is to them.  It is a long-term goal of mine to help students work towards these goals, however lofty, so long as I am able to do so.  By setting goals both in my classroom and in life, students are allowing themselves to believe that anything is possible: a belief that I will hold strong in my classroom.

Throughout the course of my career as an educator, I will strive to create a classroom that students will want

to come to each and every day.  Upon entering my classroom, students should realize that they are a very important member of the community created between all of the students and myself.  The atmosphere should inspire students to want to increase their knowledge and foster understanding on a conceptual level while also striving towards a belief in lifelong learning.  The modification of lessons will allow the learning styles and needs of students to be met.  I hope to develop my use of time management in order to create an environment in which students feel that they receive enough time to understand the material, but also a rigorous and stimulating environment in which students must be ready and willing to perform as a participating member of the class at all times.

Through attending concerts, athletic events, meetings, and other performances, I hope to create relationships

with students that foster learning and trust within the classroom.  I will strive to know each student on a more personal basis by learning about what interests them and using that in the classroom throughout the course of the year.  Having a background in theater and music will allow me the possibility of helping with music or theater related events and courses within the school, and hopefully make me a teacher that students are willing to come to for help on issues inside and outside of the classroom

Courses Taught

Integrated Algebra

Algebra II/Trigonometry


AP Calculus (AB)


My Professional References have submitted Letters of Recommendation confidentially through Interfolio. Contact information for these references, or a copy of the Letters of Recommendation are available upon request.