Building up me as a self-motivated dignified the special interest in Power, Telecommunication & IT sector in the scenario of acute shortage of skilled, meritorious and real potential manpower in the field in worldwide.

Intend to work in a challenging and competitive environment where strong sense of responsibility and commitment requires where dignity of work provides job satisfaction and the place of work provides potential avenues for learning & growing and achieve to level in the hierarchy.

Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2010 - Present

Assistant Engineer

ABC Radio
  • Broadcast operation & maintenance
  1. BE , Harris transmitter
  2. Sound processor, communication equipment
  • Power Design & implementation
  1. Online power, Generator, Renewable Energy
  • Studio automation & acoustic
  1. AV Air, News Boss, Scheduler, Music Master,Traffic
  2. Console, Microphone, Telephone system
Jan 2007 - Jan 2008


Dalkia Saudia Arabia
  • Worked on Facility management in super mall.
  • Low voltage (LT) distribution system in super mall.
  • Work on telephone/internet system (mini exchange).
Jan 2007 - Dec 2007

Sub-Assistant Engineer

Radio Today

Broadcast Equipment:Setup level

1.Install FM Transmitter, BE FM 10s

Power Management: Setup Level

1.Online/off line power management

2.Power protection system

May 2006 - Nov 2006

Technical Assistant

Robi Axiata
  • Collect equipment data of BTS, BBS, MW link, GSM, MSC, and BSC.
  • Data entry for SAP project.
  • Support to Operation & Maintenance Team.
  • Worked on warehouse for data collect.


Jan 2009 - Dec 2014

Bachelor of Science & Engineering (B.Sc)

United International University

Electrical & Electronics Engineering (BSEEE)

Passing year : 2014

Result:  70-73 % mark out of 100

Project: To Design flying surveillance robot (Drone)


GMA Ehsan ur Rahman
Assistant Professor
United International University
Phone: +880173666610