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Work experience

Projects During Study
  • Retaining $30000, researched, planned and designed a complete system of air pollution absorption for I-Kashmir knitting Co. (B.S. Project)                    (Sep. 1997 – Dec. 1997)
  • Was director of fabrication, installation and operation team of the pollution absorption system. (Mentioned above).                (Sep. 1997 – Des. 1997)
  • Researched, designed, fabricated, installed a capillary viscometer and performed related tests for Tehran Univ (Using Solidworks). (M.S. Project)                (Des. 2000 – Feb. 2001)
Dec 2008Feb 2009

Mechanical Engineer / Designer

  • Designed a new pneumatic telescopic mast and improved the previous locking mechanism.
  • Designed mechanical parts of a truck cabin to be made for Fairfax County Public Schools.(Using Solid Edge)
Sep 1999Oct 2008

Mechanical Engineer / Designer

  • Providing ~%50 added value, was the project coordinator of Samand limousine (Sarir) project.
  •  Researched and designed a complete mechanical and electromechanical car crash test system (Side intrusion test). Retaining $20000 per test. (Using Solidworks)
  • Directed and coordinated activities involved in fabrication, installation and operation of the "Side intrusion test system" (mentioned above).
  • Managed and successfully accomplished all the activities of making two prototype concept cars (Samand Limousine and Right-hand-drive Samand) within prescribed time.
  • Was principal engineer in the staff that prepared and presented the feasibility study documents. (F.S.) for manufacturing of two different cars (Sarir and right-hand-drive Samand).
  • Coordinated a BIW workshop (manufacturing 3 Sarir bodies a day).
  • Was Trim Dep. design engineer in "Peugeot 206 platform" group, designing and 3D model preparation /modification of interior and exterior trim parts using CATIA (e.g. bumpers, floor carpet, air intake grill, console, door panels, parcel shelf...).
  • Was executive of "Samand assembly line adaptation to assemble Sarir" project.
  • Served as design/fabrication expert in "fuel-cell" project for mechanical parts (Using Solidworks).
  • Was project coordinator of the "Workshop retooling" project to assemble BIW of Sarir.
  • Was instrumental in research team to clarify and resolve Sarir platform weaknesses in passing    "Side crash" test.
  • Used CAD/CAE software such as CATIA and Solidworks, Rhino.
  • Designed and supervised the construction of two ventilation and air filtration systems in rapid prototyping and modeling workshops. (Using Solidworks)

Principal technician / Mechanical designer

IR Organization for Science & Technology
  • Served as principal technician in foundation of "Heat Transfer/Combustion" Lab.
  • Served as principal assistant to fabricate a burner testing furnace.
  • Designed and fabricated a water cooling systems for the above mentioned furnace.



Master’s Degree

Tehran University

Researched, designed, fabricated, installed a capillary viscometer and performed related tests for Tehran Univ (Using Solidworks). (M.S. Project)


B.S. Degree

Tehran Polytechnic

B.S. Degree

Tehran Polytechnic


MS Office
Rhino 3D
Solid Edge



I am a highly motivated mechanical engineer with good experiences in:

  • Directing and coordinating Design/Prototyping projects
  • Designing using CAD/CAE softwares (especially CATIA V5 / Solid Edge / Solidworks)
  • Solving technical problems
  • Reverse engineering


Training Courses:

* TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.) Ruthenia Univ. Moscow            * Mistake proofing & Poka-yoke                                 * Auto Mechanics                                    * FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) by RWTUV/TUV Academy    * Fundamentals of polymers                                * SOLID WORKS 3D modeling & assembly                        * CATIA V5- 3D modeling, assembly & analysis                        * ANSYS                            * AUTOCAD                                        * Fundamentals of DFA (Design for assembly)

Honors, Awards & other Activities: * The “Iranian Society of mechanical Engineers (ISME)” Aalinasab 1st prize in mechanical engineering for "The Best B.S. Thesis" among all universities-1999.* Managed the "Science branch" of Educational – Guild Council of Faculty of Mechanical Eng. in Tehran Polytechnic (fall 1996 - fall 1997).* Presented a paper in 4th international ISME conference 2000. * Member of Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers, (ISME). Since 1999Hobbies and Interests:* Traveling, Tour planning and leading* Photography* WebloggingReferences: * Paul Bickford. owner-general manager of Bickford Vehicles Co. Phone: +1(703) 818-9090 Email: [email protected]* Zohreh Nikoo - Boeing Co. - USA - Email: [email protected] - Phone: +1(425) 330-1265* Mr. M. Kamjoo. General Manager of IKCO R&D Center - Phone: +9821 48903900* Mr. Alireza Mohammadi. Peugeot 206 Platform Director in IKCO R&D Center.Email: [email protected] - Phone: +9821 4890 3825* Mr. M. Mirkarimi. Peugeot 206 Platform Trim / Mechanism General Manager IKCO R&D Center -  Email: [email protected] - Phone: +9821 4890 3946 (Direct Manager)* Other References and documents available upon request.