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Passionate and self­learned coder, learning and developing secure, efficient and scalable web applications and web based management systems by writing standard, well ­documented and efficient codes. Mostly work on php and its framework like laravel,cakephp,codeigniter. 


  • Experience in Object-orientated Programming
  • Experience in REST API development
  • Experience in php frameworks laravel, cakephp and codeigniter
  • Excellent ability to learn and implement new concepts in programming
  • Capable of working within specific timelines and deadlines
  • Writing standard, well ­documented and efficient codes

Work History


Software Specialist

SSL Wireless Ltd

Developed  eCommers for retail chain brand MEENABAZAR usign laravel and angularjs.


Software Engineer

Multimedia Content & Communications (MCC) Ltd

-Developing Booking Portal
     - Hotel Booking
     - Tour Package Booking
     - Flight Ticket Booking
     - REST API Development

Aug 2014Jan 2016

Software Engineer

Impel Service & Solutions Ltd (ISSL)

Developed different type of web application. Some of are bellow
- WAP Portal
- SMS Gateway
- Various Types of API Development
- Ticket Booking Portal
- Accounting Software

Apr 2013Jul 2014


IT Solutions Ltd

Developed ERP for pharmaceuticals company and implement at Apex Pharma Ltd.

Jul 2012Mar 2013

Junior Software Engineer

Grameen Solutions Ltd

Developed different type of management software. I worked for Bangladesh army and city bank project. Developed many website using joomla.



I am working in php over 4 years.I have strong knowledge in object oriented programming,mvc,design pattern,dependency injection,dependency manager.Developed some api like bulk sms, push-pull, subscription. I follow psr which is suggested by community.


I developed some application with laravel like Accounting, CRM and many other management system.


I have developed booking portal using Codeigniter Framework


I developed some application using cakephp. I developed wap content marketplace with cakephp.


Experienced in Database optimization and developing stored procedures, Triggers, Joins and Views on MySql. Amazing ability to create Logical and Physical Data Models from user requirements . I know different types of orm.Expert on eloquent.


Experienced in javascript and its library like jQuery.Started in javascript then experience in jQuery. Good expertise in jQuery.

Front End

I know html and css.For better design and nice looking ui i use twitter bootstarap.



Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering

Bangladesh University

Diploma in Computer Science and Technology

Feni Computer Institute



Scrum Master


I have completed scrum master certification at techmasters which is conduct by CEO of techmasters Mizanur Rahman (CSM, CSP)


E-Commerce Application Using Laravel and Angularjs

Developed an E-commerce application using laravel and angularjs

Wap Content Marketplace

Design and developed a WAP content marketplace for mobile user where user can download their desire content by using their mobile airtime balance. User can download content under a package or direct download by mobile airtime


  1. (GP and Robi)
  2. (Banglalink)

Technology: cakephp, bootstrap, jquery, mysql, ajax, html and css

SMS Platform

Developed SMS Platform. User can send SMS from the portal or they can integrate this platform with their product or service via REST API.

Technology: Laravel, jquery, mysql, ajax, html and css

Accounting Software

Developed Accounting Software  a project of world bank for Bangladesh forest division.

Technology: laravel, bootstrap, jquery, mysql, ajax, html and css

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Developed different type of CRM for call center operation, life insurance company and many other company. 

Technology: laravel, cakephp, bootstrap, jquery, mysql, ajax, html and css

Volunteer Activities