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I am a university graduate in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)  from American International University Bangladesh (AIUB). I, as an MIS expert, have been working for poor, disadvantaged and marginalized people. I have around four years of working experiences in the field of development program development, Management Information System, Software Development, monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning. I have a vast knowledge on both develop and implement management information system. I have also emerged technical expertise on Database design, development management, Analysis and Reporting for a strong program information management system and data presentation in GIS using ArcGIS. I have also knowledge about M&E Logical framework, Theory of change.  



Geographical Information system (GIS) using ArcGIS

University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Successfully completed basic GIS and Map Presentation certificate course. I  got GPA 4 (out of 4.00)


Higher Secondary School Certificate (H.S.C)

Rangpur Government College,Rangpur

Completed my higher secondary school certificate exam from Dinajpur  Board. I was a Science major and got GPA 3.30 out of 5.00


Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C)

Lions School and college,Rangpur

Successfully completed my secondary school certificate exam from Dinajpur  Board. I took Science major and got GPA 4.69 out of 5.00


Database Development, Management and MIS:

Database design, management and analysis skill in MS Access, Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Open Office Base, STATA, and mobile or tablet based data collection system development such as ONA/ODK/KOBO platform. Have orientation on Mobile based database application management and use of GIS software. Have Essential Programming Language knowledge on Visual Basic language for database development. Proficient in operating other common computer applications in different platforms.

Statistical analysis

I'm comfort statistical analysis with the tools of STATA and SPSS MVC Framework/ Layer Architecture

I have been working with ASP.Net since one and half year. Currently working with a project on ASP.Net using  MVC Framework. 

PHP/ PHP Framework Laravel:

I have been working with php since three year.Currently working with some project on php.

Android Application/ Mobile App

I can develop Mobile application using ionic Framework.hjbjhbjhbhb



Experience work with MSSql, MySql, Postgresql, MongoDB, Lightsql

Professional GIS using ArcGIS

I successfully completed professional ArcGIS course from Dhaka University and got A+. I can able to Data conversion in KML for map presentation and map analyses. Now plan to learn Web GIS.

C / C++ / java / C#

I have started programming with C and currently use it in different programming contest.

I have completed some projects using java and C#

Front End Framework : Bootstrap/Materialize

I've a lost of working experience with Most popular front end framework Bootstrap and Materialize (google choice).

Web Design Helper: HTML/HTML5/CSS/CSS3

Expert on it.

javascript / jquery

I have been working with javascript/ jquary since eight month. Currently working with it for design.


I have been working with wordpress since a long time before.Currently working to develop wordpress theme .

Microsoft (Excel, Power BI Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access)

I'm capable and expert to work with those tools software.

Team Commounication and Code share : GIT/Bitbucket/Slack/Trello

I'm experience to work in a team with Git, Bitbucket, Slack and Trello for build up communication and code shearing. 

Work History

Jan 2017Present

Officer - MIS & GIS

SAPLING Project in "USAID", Helen Keller International (HKI), Bangladesh

Helen Keller International is dedicated to saving and improving the sight and lives of the world's vulnerable by combating the causes and consequences of blindness, poor health and malnutrition.
Here i'm Developing  MIS web system of SAPLING Project, HKI,Bangladesh.

  • Online database user management, assist with online administration control management, supervise PNGOs data entry and time management, assist PNGOs to maintain data consistency, and data analysis.
  • Build-out digital data collection forms/apps for routine monitoring data collection (not participant surveys).
  • Support MIS and GIS-related M&E training and capacity building for staff and consortium partners.
  • Provide timely, consistent data and indicator inputs to SAPLING’s MIS Manager  to support preparation of project reports.
  • Support to develop ( Code Level to User End) online and offline M&E and MIS system "DFSA STREAM" .

In this working period i develop for the project

  • Participant management system
  • Training management system
  • Monthly work plan management system
  • Live server for sharing  files and others
  • Knowledge sharing portal
  • Online voting system 


May 2016Dec 2017

Software Engineer

Red Maroon Ltd.

It's a system developing farm. My working part is as a php back end coder. I developed Master Card Bangladesh regional office management system. 

  • Develop 'Q Master Card' Banking system ( As a Full Stack Devloper)
  • Develop 'eHospital' Doctor appointment and patient's Drug  history management system.( As a Full Stack Devloper).

Oct 2015April 2016

Junior Software Engineer 

O3Lab IT Solution  

It's a software solution farm. My working part is as a front end Designer and back end coder also. In that duration i was complied four complete project. 

  • Develop 'Otaidea' tourist management system for  Malaysian tourism company. ( As a Back End coder)

Jun 2015April 2016

Planning Manager and co-designer 

Wedding Heritage

Event Planner, Wedding Planning.
It's a event planner farm. I'm the planning manager in the farm. It's my part time job. we show up our skill 


Title Description Language

1. M&E and MIS system for SAPLING (USAID Project)

I develop a full supported M&E, MIS system for SAPLING, That's funded by USAID. In here i develop 

  • Participant management system
  • Training management system
  • Monthly work plan management system
  • Live server for sharing  files and others
  • Knowledge sharing portal
  • Online voting system

Based on PHP laravel and useing updated web java technology 


USAID decided to make a common M&E MIS system that's for 3 different organization. In this project my responsibility is support to functional and system requirement analyses, Roll out the system and trained others as a trainer.

I was there for from first day to til field implement. 

Based on ASP. Net and useing updated web java technology 

3. ehaspatal is a online hospital management system

PHP, mysql, javascript, jquery

4. School Management System

Manages student, teacher, admin profile. Add course, update result, Accounts as well as tracking

PHP, mysql, javascript, jquery

5. Bus Ticketing System Manages bus schedule, ticket booking, sale, cancel and billings as well as tracking customers

Based on ASP. Net MVC Framework  and useing updated web java technology 

6. Inventory Management System

Manages inventory goods and sells information

7. O3lab Informational Website  HTML 5, php, javascript, jquary
8. Booking System website (Hotel, Bus, plain) for Malaysian client This is a terminal where one parson can get hole Malaysian hotel, bus, plain services all together.   HTML 5, php, javascript, jquary, angularjs
9. Book Library Store( Buy, Sale, and inventory Management System fullWeb app)  It's a web base app. In here admin can maintain his full business with out his attendance. He can give permission to a sales man to access that he want.

HTML 5, php, javascript, jquary, angularjs

10. Library buy and sell's System

PHP, mysql, javascript, jquery

11.Master Card Bangladesh Regional office system.

PHP, mysql, javascript, jquery


  • Experience with implement, facilitate and report for Household Census.

I got an opportunity to involve me in a Household census program. Working area was Bandarban Hill district. Census population was around 3 hundred thousand. we collected several data for livelihood, Food and Nutrition, Mother and child growth, Wash and Disaster. It's a large number of Data management process and i made it successfully with the assistance of my supervisor. I was in there for till delivery report.  

  • Large number of Group creation and input support and report.

I have an experience to create 8 thousand plus groups and got chance to handle data management about there input support and session. Those group and data for different different purpose in project. 

  • Supply chain management.

I have an experience to develop inventory management system for tracking, manage and e-voucher. The system is for 3 different purpose and for there several input support. The total unique benefited participant are 48 thousand directly in several time. 

  • Large number of Training management and TriNet reporting.

I have an experience to develop staff Training management system. IT help to keep record for participant, attendance, pre test- post test question set and evaluation, finance request with budget and venue. And experience directly  work with TriNet reporting.

  • Team Building and team management.

I got an opportunity to build up a team for data transfer process. In that team there was 50 running members and i was there for technical support and supervision.



Bangla-Fluent(Native Language)

English- Good (Oral & Written)

Interest and Hobby

  • Learning New Technology
  • Algorithms and Computational Complexity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • As a Event maker.

Personal Information

Name Md. Atik Shahriar
Father's Name

Md. Nurul Amin

Mother's Name Monowara Amin
Permanent Address House#174,Road#1,Ashratpur,parkmore,Cadet college, Rangpur
Place of Birth Rangpur, Bangladesh
Religion Muslim
Marital Status Married
Blood Group A(-)ve
Date of Birth April,17,1994



[email protected]

Mailing Address

Jahanara Nibash, Float#7A , House#12 ,Road#3, Block#B,

Mirpur-6 Kacha bazar, MIrpur- 6, Dhaka


Treena Bishop

Chief of Party,


Helen Keller International - Bangladesh

Cell: 01729097136

Email: [email protected]

Rozena Begum

Director-Monitoring and Evaluation

Helen Keller International - Bangladesh

Cell: 01713036797

Email:  [email protected]

S. S. Bakth Hindole 

Manager - MIS and GIS

Helen Keller International - Bangladesh

Cell: 01730095593

Email: [email protected]

Present Supervisor